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Starbucks launches a beautiful range of purple cups: how much do they cost and where can they be bought?

Starbucks launches a beautiful range of purple cups: how much do they cost and where can they be bought?

If something stands out Starbucks They are their glasses and today they have become very popular among their customers, because in addition to their cool designs, they do not stain like disposable glasses. As usual in the series coffeeEvery season, it launches new models and has already launched this winter season to winter.

This set of glasses will definitely conquer coffee and beverage lovers. drinks Hot because some have very colors Stupendous Others look very elegant. Best of all, it's available now, so now's the time to get it before it's gone.

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Purple is the dominant color in this winter collection Photo: Instagram @starbucksmex

Where to get Starbucks winter cups?

Starbucks says goodbye to Christmas but is opening the doors for winter with a new lineup. Color is dominant in these glasses purplebut you'll also find a blue lupine, a black lupine, and a black mug with nature details.

the glasses It is now available in all branches in Mexico, however, the available stock will depend on each store. So don't wait long and go buy your product if it is any of these products Models He defeated you.

Mug has colorful floral details | Photo: Instagram @starbucksmex

Starbucks winter sunglasses cost

the the prices Regarding may vary branch Where to buy them These are the general prices for a set of winter glasses. Don't forget that when you buy your cup, you will get your favorite drink for free.

  • Black cup with purple flowers: 650 pesos
  • Purple lupine: 670 pesos
  • Blue tumbler: 370 Egyptian pounds
  • Purple lupine with flowers: 355 pesos
  • Black cup with rose: 330 pesos
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This acrobat costs 355 pesos Photo: Instagram @starbucksmex

Glass properties

The glasses are airtight, that is, your He drinks Stays hot longer than a regular container. And some of them love tumbler The purple one has a sleeve at the top so he can carry it from there. The capacity of the glasses varies, so we suggest you check them when purchasing them.

Also, every time you go to your favorite coffee shop Starbucks And bringing your own glass will get you 8 pesos. This is to thank you for your loyalty in purchasing one of their glasses and also for caring for the planet and creating a more sustainable world.