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Stanford University has launched an online musculoskeletal medicine course that is 100% free – Teach Me About Science

Stanford University has launched an online musculoskeletal medicine course that is 100% free – Teach Me About Science

Are you interested in learning about musculoskeletal medicine? Stanford University has announced its course to delve deeper into the subject, so we leave you here all the necessary information about the said course, and at the end a direct link.

Musculoskeletal medicine focuses on > according to Experts.

This course It focuses on the biomechanical and anatomical framework for clinicians to understand musculoskeletal medicine, providing a clinical model and confidence for applying all care.Read on the course portal.

Because we know that you are interested in learning about this topic, and because this opportunity never comes twice in a lifetime, today we offer you this course option.

It’s all about the course

This is called a cycle Introduction to the musculoskeletal system for non-orthopedic surgeonsIt lasts for only one week, but you must complete 2 to 3 hours for each of these weeks.

Although there is a mandatory number of hours, the schedule will be up to your liking. This means that you can choose the most relaxing moment of your day, sit in front of your computer or cell phone and go ahead with taking classes, because let us tell you that classes are available online.

Apart from the above, this course will be completely free, so it will not be necessary to pay to attend lessons and learn something interesting.

It is not necessary to have complete experience in this topic, although this is an advanced level course, what you will see are things you already know a little about, so don’t worry about this.

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The goal of this course is for you to learn how to evaluate patients with basic musculoskeletal conditions, differentiate between common musculoskeletal conditions, depending on the patient’s history, and manage injuries through the use of imaging studies, among many other knowledge you will gain throughout the course. .

You’ll learn all of the above from Richard Whitman and Sakti Srivastava, both teachers from Stanford University.

Although it is a course open to the public, it is recommended to be taken by family medicine physicians, professional nurses, physician assistants, and health professionals in other fields.

The course is hosted on the edX platform. This platform is responsible for teaching huge online courses in various fields of study, in addition to the courses you will find here supported by the best universities in the world.

And if that’s not enough! They are taught by highly trained specialists in the various branches of study for the courses.

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Learn about musculoskeletal medicine from specialists.

If you are interested in the course and want to participate, click Introduction to the musculoskeletal system for non-orthopedic surgeonsRegister and everything will be ready so you can attend classes whenever you want.

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