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Sports Sciences: Fifth day of the year | News | The city of Buenos Aires

next one Wednesday, June 2, at 19 hrFifth session of Mathematical Sciences Will be him Fifth round Of the year: “The mind and emotions of the athlete in quarantine”. Physical activity and sport are currently part of the basic activities of a modern society in constant development and growth. That is why, once again, this program seeks to reinforce the strategy To strengthen the sports, leisure and physical activity sectorWith the aim of increasing the individual and collective capabilities of the people who are a part of it and thus contribute to providing the best services and effective performance.

Via Training plan, From General Directorate of Social Sports and Sports Development For the Sports and Physical Education sub-secretariat, we will present these meetings for dialogue and knowledge dialogue building, responsible for representatives and experts from the sports and physical education sector.

During this meeting the topic of how to psychology, As part of a multidisciplinary team, provides its resources not only to cross Requirements From performance and improvement Performance, but also to legitimize the unique experiences that are presented to the athlete in different situations and contexts. At this age pandemic, Support Health For a developing athlete Flexibility s StimulusStill, he’s the best Challenging myself.

Today will be responsible for Lic. Laura Spacarrotella (The sports psychologist graduated from UBA who worked with the women’s team from handball He was present at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 And in the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018).

This year’s session will end from March to December, it will be Free And just right virtual It covers four main axes: Sports initiation and development. Physical education in the school and non-school environment; Adapted sport sports management.

With the purpose I am writing to you And to be part of this fifth meeting of 2021 of the session, which will be Wed Jun 2 at 7:00 pm on Zoom Platform, Enter here:

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Registration in Sports Sciences

Once you complete the form, in the days leading up to the event, you will receive a confirmation email with the meeting link so you can participate.

During this year, 4 thematic themes will be covered:

The initiation and development of sport

From this axis, the training area, it proposes to deepen the foundations that support the start-up and development of sport; By updating and mastering the skills and techniques for planning, managing and evaluating learning related to motor skills and sports techniques. Likewise, the promotion of teaching strategies and resources is encouraged for meaningful learning that respects and stimulates developmental maturity and the ability to gain mobility. Training courses provide a space for enrichment and exchange to expand the tools for analyzing, designing, implementing and coordinating training processes aimed at the overall development of the athlete.

Physical education in the school and non-school environment

We consider physical education in the school and non-school environment to be the main pillar for starting the exercise of sports for boys, girls and adolescents. For this reason, teacher updating should be a priority for implementing the teaching and learning process.

Air-conditioned sports

Sports and physical activity for persons with disabilities have witnessed an important development in recent years, as they reach the level of participation in terms of quantity and quality, and are increasingly higher and more demanding in terms of performance. This growth must be accompanied by an appropriate level of development, both in the resources and in the people involved, so that it allows the various sports to continue to improve their working methods and their levels of performance. In this context, it is necessary to develop training guidelines in an increasingly structured and complex manner depending on the degree of information and knowledge that the participants possess.

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Sports management

Running and managing sports institutions requires a degree of dedication and professionalism in both the professional leader and the tenant. The different management models and corporate leadership should aim to strengthen organizations in their operations, with the understanding that medium and long-term perspectives (such as corporate planning) allow for a better association with the situation. It should also be noted that the management of sports institutions, whether in the public or private sphere, must accept more and more professionalism and pro-activity to implement plans and programs that have an institutional and societal impact.