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: Health and well-being are central to the people management strategy:

: Health and well-being are central to the people management strategy:

05/27/2021 In a changing and complex environment marked by the new normal that emerged as a result of the pandemic, organizations have had to reorient their corporate health strategies. In this way, in the table “Health and Well-being, Top Priority”, it is revealed how health and well-being is placed at the heart of the people management strategy. At this table, sponsored by SegurCaixa Adeslas, the people in charge of the people, health and well-being of Deloitte, Enagás and Repsol shared.

SegurCaixa Adeslas Area Director of Healthcare Quality and Services, Elena VidalSchedule manager “ Health and wellness are a top priorityThe debate began noting that, after more than a year, We are not yet able to calculate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on companies and individuals. From the start, companies focused on preserving people’s health while preserving, as much as possible, activity by spreading and expanding remote work capabilities..

In this context , Director of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Risk Prevention Service at Deloitte, Javier SanzList all the work the company has undertaken to ensure the health and safety of all professionals. And he remembered how, at the start of the epidemic, when the Spanish health system collapsed, the company’s medical service relied on technology.

“We created an app that allowed us to have a picture related to COVID-19 for all the collaborators and partners in the company, and we ranked the level of risk based on symptoms to focus on the people most at risk, and help with contact tracing. It’s an app that we made available to other companies without any benefit.” Sanz explained.
The expert also recounted that Deloitte organized virtual meetings with CEOs of major companies in the country and came up with consensus protocols for specific actions. “Leadership is essential in crisis management. I was fortunate that the presidency and the advisory board exercised that leadership at all times and this facilitates procedures.” Director added.

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in this meaning, Enagás Personnel and Welfare Director, Susanna Torell, Also highlighted the importance of “From top management to union representation, they were all united and cohesive, with seamless and two-way communication.” Susanna Torell reminded the audience that Enagás is a company that provides an essential service, and for this reason, “We have focused on ensuring the health and safety of our workers, knowing that we have to ensure the supply and take into account that more than half of our employees spread throughout Spain cannot work remotely.” He added: “It is essential for everyone to know that their role is important, and from there, they will have a little moment of appreciation for each of the professionals who have been at the foot of the valley since day one. That is why, for us, it was very important that they know their purpose, and contribute to their environment, but they are They work safely and securely. “

finally, Repsol Director of Health and Wellness, Christina OrdonezHighlight an intense exercise everyone did. “We learned a lot because we didn’t have the information. It was an exercise in sharing, planning, coordinating and listening.”. “While some of us were working remotely, we had colleagues supplying those trucks that would bring us food home. This was a learning process in which driving, based on the COVID-19 Coordination Committee, was essential.”. He concluded by saying: “The whole medical team was essential and the job to do this follow-up would be available to all people, providing the necessary information, providing protective equipment and supporting people who were from home.”.

Lessons learned

When talking about lessons learned from the pandemic and future challenges, Susanna Torell, from InagasMaintenance highlighted “This flexible communication, that active listening and thinking that we must rely on not only on the professional, but on the person. We need the person to continue to believe that his values ​​are ours and to follow them completely. Let’s see that this was not a reaction,” But there will be continuity in the future. “. For this reason, the guidance confirms that the capabilities to be strengthened are “Listen, compassion, convey calm, connect the teams. We think it is necessary to work in a different way, whether people in the field or people working remotely.” “We must promote health as a talent, and understand that we are body, mind and emotion, and that leaders themselves must manage these areas.” Added.

In this line, Christina Ordonez, from RepsolHe highlighted it “This epidemic has brought this consideration to integrated health.” He added: I don’t think there is a single solution. You have to know how to analyze and define. In this analysis, we must consider all factors and listen, and from there, plan and execute in a coordinated manner with all people in mind. If we want a future, we all have to work together towards one goal. Sustainability has to be in every single one of our actions. For me, this is one of the great challenges: this cooperation, this coordination, and we all work together. “

finally, Javier Sanz, from Deloitte, I think that “The new normal will depend a lot on our ability to be all committed to public health. I think in this new normal, prevention services provided a model for cooperation with the national health system. This indicates that the normative development of this relationship is urgent. This new normal will happen. Because the prevention services are actively cooperating in the vaccination campaigns. “