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Yucatecan girls win international science competition in Paraguay

Yucatecan girls win international science competition in Paraguay

Both are alumni of Valentin Gómez Farias Primary School. Photo: Katia Espinosa

They are only 11 and 12 years old, but Evelyn Lugo and Andrea Burgos have already raised the name of Yucatan and all of Mexico by winning first place in the International Science Fair “Fecitec Sunflowers” 2022 in Paraguay.

Both participated in the project. Mayan Science, a scientific prototype, through a model, illustrating the descent of the feathered serpent and its argument from the Mayan world view. Also, Chichen Itza’s stunning results stand out among over 150 Latin American exhibitors.

This is how Andrea explains herself:

“We went to show the amazing results of Chichen Itza, where you can find some results like there is a small monument under the castle, or there are two pyramids under the castle, or also the descent of the serpent.”

Andrea Burgos, 1st place in the International Science Fair Exhibition

Both are graduates of Valentin Gómez Farias Primary School in Oxkutskap. With this project, Evelyn confirms that they also seek to inspire more women and girls To engage in science.

“What inspired us to compete in Project Ceticey was to encourage more girls and women to be interested in science, since only 30% are interested in science and the other 70% are interested in men. And also to show that science is not boring.”

Evelyn Lugo, 1st place in the International Science Fair

Both students not only explained His Majesty Chichen Itza and their amazing results, but also the scientific and mathematical methods that the Mayans put into practice to build these magnificent castles.

“The answer that scholars do not give you, Mayan Worldview was built under the pyramids because the Mayan Worldview vision says that they did not destroy buildings, but built because their time is cyclical, everything was renovated, but everything was kept respecting the gods. They built under a cenote, Because it was important to them that their four basic elements were perfectly compatible.”

Freddy Gongora, science teacher to Evelyn and Andrea

The youngsters traveled to the South American country with the support of the state government and raised the name Yucatan and Mexico.

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