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Some iPhones running iOS 17 are having Wi-Fi issues

Some iPhones running iOS 17 are having Wi-Fi issues

Many users are experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues on their iPhones updated to iOS 17.

Having problems with Wi-Fi in iOS 17?

It seems that iOS 17 startup is not very good. Apple released iOS 17.0.1 a few days later to fix some bugs, and shortly after that it released iOS 17.0.2 in a hurry to fix a bug that could cause an iPhone to crash when it was set up, and soon after that it released iOS 17.0.3 to fix iPhone 15 Pro overheating problems.

However, it seems that these updates are still not perfect as is the case with many Users have reported Wi-Fi connectivity issues on their iPhones running iOS 17. This bug particularly seems to affect users of the new iPhone 15.

Control Center for iPhone 14 Pro

Wi-Fi calling was also causing crashes in iOS 17

Are you having problems with Wi-Fi on your iPhone running iOS 17? you are not alone

These problems make In some applications, Wi-Fi works slower than it should, preventing content from being downloaded even though there is more than enough coverage. The affected apps are of all types, from social networks like Instagram to Safari itself. This issue can only be resolved after a few minutes, although it also seems to be resolved by turning Wi-Fi off and on again.

There are different ways to fix Wi-Fi connection issues on iPhone, but all of them seem to be temporary solutions. the iPhones affected by this issue will have problems again. We hope that Apple is already aware of this situation and is investigating it to release a new update.

iPhone with colorful wallpaper

A new problem affecting iPhone 15

We already have the beta version of iOS 17.1, but it won’t reach all users until the end of the month or early November. So, naturally, Apple wouldn’t wait that long to fix this bug. It is possible that iOS 17.0.4 will arrive in the next few days Fix this error with iPhone Wi-Fi.

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this This means that Apple had to release 4 minor updates to iOS 17 to fix bugs, many of which relate to the new iPhone 15. Which I don’t remember ever happening before, at least in the latest versions of Apple’s operating system.

there Many users complain on social networks and Apple forums We hope that the company will solve this problem quickly. Wi-Fi connection is essential on iPhone and it should work properly.