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Why does a new iPhone have to come out every year?  Tim Cook responds

Why does a new iPhone have to come out every year? Tim Cook responds

Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Perhaps many people think that it is easy to answer this question: why should a new iPhone be released every year? The most logical answer is the monetary, business and commercial side, but in this equation the expenses of this huge production must always be seen, as in the last case of the family company. iPhone 15.

Apple CEO Tim Cook tried to determine the answer to this question in a conversation with Medium brutality.


After all, wouldn’t a more environmentally friendly approach be to reduce the iPhone’s refresh rate? This is Cook’s response:

“I think having an iPhone every year for those people who want one is great. And what we do is we allow people to exchange their phones. Then we resell this phone if it still works. And if it doesn’t work, we have ways to take it apart and take the materials needed to make a new iPhone.

What will the iPhone look like in another 30 years?

The other thing Pruitt asked Tim Cook was how he envisioned the iPhone in 20 or 30 years.

“I think it will be carbon neutral. I think it’s clear that it will be much further ahead than it is currently, but I don’t want to give you all our secrets in this regard. “I’ll just say that from an environmental standpoint, it would be carbon neutral.”

Cook finally denied this in The latest version for iPhone 15Apple will seek to whitewash its image with its “green” ads.

“Well, greenwashing is reprehensible. So what happens if you think about what we do, we do the work and then we say what we do and you stand in a piece of the work today? So there is a real proof point. The fact that there is 30% recycled material per hour is proof of this.

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The fact that we have significantly reduced air freight to sea freight in transportation footprint. This is work. The fact that we’re reducing packaging to fit more of this stuff on a pallet. This is the main procedure. We are getting rid of plastic. All of these things are actions we have taken that all lead to making the watch carbon neutral. By 2030, carbon neutral products in all areas.

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