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Solving the big mystery after discovering the leak in the ground – People – Culture

Solving the big mystery after discovering the leak in the ground – People – Culture

For decades, The Earth's core has been a topic that has caused a great deal of mystery and intrigue in the scientific community.That is why it lives in constant analysis and its behavior is frequently monitored and investigated by experts who discover the mysteries and changes that our planet faces.

In the early seventies, The Earth's inner core has undergone a change in its rotationAnd it gradually rotates faster towards the east, exceeding the speed of rotation of the Earth's surface.

but, Between 2009 and 2011, this spiral slowed until it stopped, and then began to gradually move westward. Relative to the Earth's surface. Scientists expect this pattern of acceleration and deceleration to continue, reaching another plateau in the 2040s, completing its final cycle of shifting east and west.

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Moreover, recent research has revealed this The Earth's core receives water from the surface, generating a powerful chemical reaction Which changes its structure. This hitherto unknown phenomenon was the subject of a study by researchers from various universities around the world, to shed light on the complexity of the interior of the planet Earth.

The next primary rotation was scheduled to occur in 2040.

The Earth's core is shaking, and science reveals the great mystery behind the leak

This was revealed by a recent investigation Earth's core seeps into ancient lava flows from Baffin Island., in Canada. In addition, a strange signal has been detected that would confirm that the movements of the Earth's layers will affect its ecosystems and the daily lives of different societies, as “fundamentally” as the length of days.

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The results of the studies were published in the journal Nature Communications, where it was stated that:“They were able to solve the greatest mystery related to the Earth's interior, by discovering that the Earth's inner core moves at a rate that repeats itself every 8.5 years.”

This research was supervised by a geophysicist Hao DingWho analyzed how the movement of the Earth's poles changed over the years. And after this he discovered it There is a pattern of movement and rotation that repeats approximately every 8 and a half years.

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This study has reaffirmed this The movement pattern of the Earth's inner core can vary in length of days. It is worth noting that current knowledge of the behavior of the planet's interior comes mainly from waves generated by earthquakes and nuclear bombs.

The tilt of the Earth's core

Ongoing analysis of the behavior of the Earth's core has also helped to discover this This is tilted about 17 degrees relative to the mantle. The above refutes the idea that the tilt is much larger and that the rotation of the core coincides with the tilt of the Earth's mantle.

“These distractions provide Valuable constraints for the 3D mantle density model (…) highlight possible deviations from the ideal sphericity, which were calculated using conventional theories,” says Hao Ding in a press release.

Experts state that both the tilt and oscillation of the Earth's core generate a domino effect. The above means that The oscillating pattern of the Earth's core causes changes in the Earth's rotation and the length of the day.

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“Static tilt can also cause a certain change in the shape of the fluid core, which may lead to a change in the motion of the fluid and a corresponding change in the geomagnetic field,” explains Ding.

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