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Something or someone changed the Earth’s axis, and scientists are scratching their heads – Teach Me About Science

Something or someone changed the Earth’s axis, and scientists are scratching their heads – Teach Me About Science

Over the past few decades, scientists have been observing in astonishing detail how the Earth’s axis of rotation has undergone significant and puzzling changes. What was once a Nice movement towards the southAvoidance of Geographic North Pole and towards Canadatook an unexpected turn and started heading east.

Now, researchers have discovered that this amazing phenomenon is closely related human activities, In particular, Excessive groundwater extraction.

a Stady Conducted by a team of researchers from Seoul National University It revealed a strong relationship between groundwater extraction and the Earth’s axis. Water experts have long warned Negative effects of excessive use of groundwater.

In affected areas DroughtAs in the western United States, aquifers have become a vital resource. However, when water is removed from the ground but not replaced to the same extent, land subsidence occurs. This not only harms homes and infrastructure, but also Reduces the capacity of the subsoil To retain water for the future.

he Dr. Ki and Yeon SeoThe Seoul National University geophysicist and research leader was surprised by the results of his study. By demonstrating a strong link between groundwater extraction and the shift of the Earth’s axis, Seo and his team have made a revelation A shocking and unexpected connection.

Seo described the discovery as “Big surprise“, highlighting the importance of these human factors in the dynamics of our planet.

This discovery has also caught the attention of scientists and other experts in the field. Matthew Rudelworld in NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, He expressed no surprise at the impact of groundwater extraction on the region The Earth rotates.

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However, he was impressed with the researchers’ ability to infer this relationship from the data. Accurate observations of polar motion are crucial to understanding and predicting how it develops Earth’s axis in the future.

It is important to note that despite the change in the Earth’s axis It does not directly affect classes or daily life, It has serious consequences for satellite navigation systems. These systems are vital for guidance Airplanes, rockets, and mapping applications depend on the accuracy of our planet’s rotation.

Therefore, understanding the factors that affect the movement of the Earth’s axis becomes essential to ensure the correct performance of these technologies.

This discovery highlights the importance of considering human activities and their impact on our planet’s natural systems. Over-extraction of groundwater is just one of these problems There are many ways in which our actions can have significant and unexpected impacts on the world in which we live.

As a society, we must recognize these interactions and look for sustainable ways to use them Natural resources, to maintain the stability and balance of our planet For the next generations.

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