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Amazon says goodbye to passwords by activating your passkey

Amazon says goodbye to passwords by activating your passkey

More and more companies support end-to-end passwords!

The beginning and end of passwords

Amazon has adopted passkeys as an alternative to passwords When you activate your shopping services on iOS and on the web. According to the company, the update will be rolled out gradually starting today in the Amazon iOS app and will soon be compatible with the Amazon Android app.

Passkeys provide a simpler and more secure alternative to logging into an account. This standard allows you to replace passwords with biometric security such as Touch ID, Face ID or PIN On your trusted devices.

Amazon has introduced support for passkeys on iOS and the web.

Since Microsoft, Apple, and Google teamed up to create passkeys in 2022, the method has become known as An option that provides greater security to users when accessing their digital service accounts. in this meaning, Amazon’s Senior Vice President of E-Commerce, Dave Treadwell, said:

“It’s about giving customers ease of use and security at the same time in their Amazon experience. Although passwords will still be around for the foreseeable future, this is an exciting step in the right direction. We’re pleased to be one of the first to adopt this new authentication method, making Helps realize our vision of a safer, password-free Internet.

To sign up for Access Keys for anyone on the web and on iOS when it launches, Amazon provides these instructions on how to get started using Access Keys in your account:

  1. sign in In your Amazon account.
  2. Choose your right account.
  3. He chooses Login and security.
  4. He chooses Configure next to passwords.
  5. Follow the instructions step by step.
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In May of this year, Google also announced that passkeys can now be used in company accounts, apps, and services. Anyone who wants to try a passwordless login experience can set it up in a couple of minutes. While Apple integrated passkeys into its iPhones with the release of iOS 16.3.

but, Most companies still keep account passwords, So the world won’t be password-free for a while.

What do you think of this initiative? Have you created an access key in the services that implemented it?