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So you can take advantage of Amazon Prime Day offers in Mexico without paying for membership

So you can take advantage of Amazon Prime Day offers in Mexico without paying for membership

Here’s how to access exclusive Prime Day deals without paying for membership (Photo: Valera Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images).

Along with Good End, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, ، Amazon Prime Day that will happen in June 21 and 22– It is one of the biggest business events of the year. You can get huge discounts on all kinds of products: vacuum cleaners, electronics, 4K TVs, video games, laptops, clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances and smart home appliances from Amazon.

Prime Day Only available to members Amazon Prime, so if you’re not part of the program, you won’t be able to take advantage of these great savings and offers, but there is a way to access this exclusive annual trade event without spending 899 pesos per year for membership (or 99 pesos per month).

This is done as follows:

Just sign up for Try Amazon Prime for free. The retail giant offers a long time 30 day trial period To attract potential members to take advantage of its exclusive benefits, including:


  • Free Shipping from the US

  • Special Discounts on Amazon

  • Access to Prime Video and Amazon Music.

  • As well as free entry to Prime Day.

If you register now to try it, you can use the service Amazon Prime For all offers Prime Day 2021. while the Prime Day Now lasting 48 hours, it is common for specific shows to appear and disappear intermittently.

Plus, even though there are still a few days left until the big event arrives, Amazon has prepped the odd surprise: a couple Offers only for basic members that are hard to turn down and you can take advantage of them today.

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Don’t forget to unsubscribe

if once Amazon Prime Day If you decide you don’t want to keep your Prime membership and all of its services, remember to cancel your subscription before your 30-day trial expires so you won’t be charged for an annual subscription.

Our recommendation is that you activate an alert in your calendar so you don’t forget it. But don’t worry, if that happens it won’t be the end of the world because you can cancel your subscription at any time and for free.

This is really the smartest and best way to save more money while Prime Day!

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