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Slow motion, Anna Sherry in a swimsuit at the beach!

Slow motion, Anna Sherry in a swimsuit at the beach!

Model Ana Cheri He surprised his followers as he wore Swimwear Very flirtatious, at Video Where he was bathing on the beach.

The interesting thing about this beautiful new post big success It is that this video was in slow motion so that all of her curves can be appreciated perfectly, although in the video she appears from the back as she flaunts her afterthought.

Four hours ago, he began to delight his fans with this new post, taking advantage of the fact that on May 16 he is 35 years old, and he is very happy and in love.

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Many of his followers are very excited about his birthday and do not hesitate for a moment to congratulate the beauty Ana Cheri, Which thanks to its content has succeeded in making more than one internet user fall in love.

If you want see Anna Cherry’s picture click here.

So far, she has more than 137 thousand copies, and we do not doubt that more than one of her fans has watched the video on more than one occasion, but it will be a natural thing.

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“It’s my birthday,” she wrote very enthusiastically in the description, Isabel Madu was one of the first celebrities to congratulate her, along with other personalities and followers.