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Singer Anna Gabriel surprises by revealing, “I am married.”

Singer Anna Gabriel surprises by revealing, “I am married.”

Anna Gabrielle She worried many of her fans by revealing that she was hospitalized in Chile. He revealed last May, asking for prayers: “I want to inform you of unpleasant news: the flu has become complicated and has turned into pneumonia.”

The singer has now recovered and made another surprising revelation, this time about her love life. In a live video on Instagram, Ana Gabriel, 68, said she was “already married.” The interpreter of “Luna” and “Qué como tú” showed off her ring and said she was planning a “honeymoon” next year.

“I already have someone to accompany me on my honeymoon,” she said when a fan asked her to take him on vacation. “Only two people are going on a honeymoon, just two of us, that’s why it’s a honeymoon, because we’re two people.”

Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty Images

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“Before the honeymoon I will be with my husband, my husband, yes I think it’s the Dominican Republic and after that I will have my honeymoon,” Anna Gabriel added.

Many wonder who Anna Gabrielle’s great love is. Journalist Jorge Carvajal He claimed that the singer married a Peruvian woman named Silvana. According to him, they met through social media, and Ana Gabriel invited Silvana to a concert she gave in Paris in 2023.

The journalist said that they are inseparable and that Silvana is a psychiatrist by profession, but she has become the singer’s right hand. Ana Gabriel has not yet confirmed the identity of her partner.

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