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Siboldi is out of Tigres, the club has officially announced it

Siboldi is out of Tigres, the club has officially announced it

The Cats were left empty-handed last term

Uruguayan coach Robert Dante CiboldiHe will not continue as head coach of Tigers For the Apertura 2024 tournament, as the Royal Club announced on social media. The Uruguayan was looking to continue on the bench, but the club’s board decided not to renew his contract.

Through your official X account, Tigers Thousands of his followers shared that Dante Siboldi will not continue to lead the team next season. The club announced in a brief statement the Uruguayan’s departure, but did not reveal the reasons for the decision.

The club wrote: “We inform our fans that Tigres Club has decided not to renew Robert Dante Ciboldi’s contract as technical director, as well as the contract of his coaching staff. We appreciate the dedication they have shown during this period in leading the team.”

Siboldi arrived at Tigres in April 2023, and under his watch Vulcan won the 2023 Concluding League title, lost the final of the 2023 Inaugural Tournament, and reached the quarter-finals of the 2024 CONCACAF Champions Cup. In total, Dante has drawn 65 commitments for Tigres amassing a record of 31 wins and 20 draws. And 14 losses.

leave Robert Dante Ciboldi It surprises most Cats fans because the Uruguayan has expressed his desire to continue leading the team and the club’s board of directors. Tigers She expressed her support for Siboldi even though the results in the first half of 2024 were not positive.

He added, “I am calm about the renewal issue. It is being talked about and negotiated and it is on the right track. I am not worried, I am calm. Now we have expectations and confidence in carrying out the renewal for a longer period.” “I would like to do that because it would be a natural process that we have already started with the transition little by little as the team renews itself,” Dante expressed a few months ago.

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For his part, Tigres president Mauricio Colebro confirmed a few weeks ago that Ciboldi will remain in his position during the inaugural tournament in 2024 because the board of directors is happy with his work.

“We are in it, the signature is missing, but the will has always been there, the results support it, we are focused on what is coming, it is a matter of time to sign a paper, there is a will. Since it has been time to arrive Tigers “We always think about a long-term project, plan with very clear goals, we have a strategic plan for the next five years, we like to do planned things, we know very well where we want to go and how we want to get there,” Colebro expressed for the TUDN series. .

Meanwhile, several first-team players have already reported to Tigres’ facilities for pre-season work that starts this week in the Riviera Maya.