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‘Shrek 5’ already has an official release date, but it goes further than we expected

‘Shrek 5’ already has an official release date, but it goes further than we expected

Eddie Murphy was wrong

The orc returns

DreamWorks Animation surprised us all Tuesday night by announcing it out of the blue and without much of a hitch. Next ghoul movie release date The most famous on the big screen. So we already know when it will arrive. Partner 5 To the cinemas, though. We’ll have to wait. More than we would have liked.

Advertising with A Small video 12 seconds on social networks with no more chicha than the number 5 with the distinctive ears and color of Shrek (and Fiona in her ghoul form), happened after Eddie Murphy, where he promoted as he Hollywood’s Super Detective: Axel F.ensuring that this fifth part will arrive in 2025 and that Asno will be the protagonist, a spin-off we understand, in 2026.

Nothing more, because as we will see below, 2026 will be the year Partner 5Specifically on the first of JulyIn the summer, it is an ideal time for this type of production, so we doubt that we will see donkey Before or even in the same time period.

At least we confirm The return of the hero triowith the original voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz as Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona, respectively. Hanin play To get back on topic all Stars By crushing the mouth.

What happened in “Shrek 4”?

in Partner: Happily Ever Afterpartner feels dissatisfied with his family life He misses his days as a moody and scary ghoul. Rumpelstiltskin, Dwarf Who devotes himself to making fraudulent deals, tricks him into signing a contract that creates a file Alternate reality where Shrek never existedIn this new world, Rumpelstiltskin is king of Far Far Away, and trolls are persecuted and Fiona is the leader of the resistance. Who does not know a partner.

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“Shrek 4” on Sky Showtime

To restore order, Shrek must find Fiona and kiss her. Before the day ends. After overcoming many challenges and rediscovering the value of his family, Partner break the spell And he returns to his normal life Appreciate what you have.

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