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"She's a legend" and "Every World Cup is the best" in the first half

“She’s a legend” and “Every World Cup is the best” in the first half

Guillermo in Spanish, William in English, Guillaume in French or Guglielmo in Italian. Say it what you will, but for Mexico it is ochoa notethe guard who appeared in the beginning Against Poland he cemented his World Cup run Saving a penalty kick for Robert Lewandowskione of the most feared attackers, and Around the world surrender to the Mexicans.

It was made by the media, journalists and fans from other latitudes The word “Ochoa” is the subject of a global trend And the comments are noteworthy because They see the El Tri goalkeeper as the true legend of the World Cup.

The world is paying tribute to Memo Ochoa

English-language media such as Bleacher Report, The Athletic and ESPN United States They did not spare Praise be to Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Maganaamong them they said “they release the beast every four years” which led him to put in memorable performances such as Brazil in 2014 and Germany in 2018.

Indian journalist Amil Bhatnagar calls Mexican goalkeeper “Superman”while fans from all over the world have dedicated tweets to glorify him, one of them guarantees “Guillermo Ochoa is to the World Cup what Mariah Carey is to Christmas”this famous song “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, is an indispensable song at this time.

How many penalty kicks has Ochoa saved?

This was Tuesday The third penalty kick was stopped by Guillermo Ochoa with the Mexican national team, and the first in the World Cup. It has been five years since the goalkeeper has not stopped an 11-step charge, with the most recent precedent in the 2017 Confederations Cup against Portugal and before that in Brazil’s 2014 qualifier against Honduras.

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The fourth penalty was missed when Paco Memo was under El Tri’s post, but it is not considered a save because Nigerian goalkeeper Ikechukwu O’Shea in a friendly in 2007 sent his shot just wide. The goalkeeper scored 31 consecutive penalties in the league without containing any.

Who won today, Mexico or Poland?

the match It ended in a goalless draw On the 974th pitch in Qatar, with good feelings from the Tricolor team regarding expectations and recent performances in the preparatory matches, with Ochoa as a clear figure and some important arrivals, especially a header deflected by Alexis Vega and another by Henry Martin that was deflected by the Polish goalkeeper.

Get the latest news from Mexico in Qatar 2022 With stats, goals and more. We remind you that Tricolor’s next matches will be on Saturday 26 November against Argentina and on Wednesday 30 against Saudi Arabia.