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Shannen Doherty talks about funeral arrangements

Shannen Doherty talks about funeral arrangements

Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210 star, Shannen DohertyHe confirmed that There are a number of people you “don't want” at your funeral.According to the British newspaper, in the midst of his battle against cancer Daily Mirror On his website.

As reported by The Mirror, in the latest edition of their podcast, Let's be clearDoherty admitted this “There are a lot of people I don't want to be there for.”.

In a conversation with his best friend and executor of his estate, Chris Cortazo, Doherty explained: “I don't want them there because their reasons for coming are not necessarily the best. “They don't like me, and they have their reasons, but they don't really love me enough to come to my funeral.” Although she did not reveal who she meant However, the 52-year-old actress added: ““They'll do it…because it's the politically correct thing, and they don't want to look bad.”.

Doherty explained that in his farewell, “I don't want people to cry or privately say, 'Thank God that bitch is already dead.'”.

When Chris asked him if he was invited, he joked. “This is the shortest and best list.”

He added: “I can't give you a list of people I don't want because it would be too long.” Doherty said she “hates the charade” and “can't stand people who pretend to have found Jesus and say they're so sorry for anything bad they said about you.”

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“I say: No, no, no. I know you are still the same insignificant person. Do not do it. Get out of me. He continued: “We are fine.”

Doherty initially announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and was later said to be in remission. It was then revealed that she had returned in 2019, and it was said that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

The actress's expressions came after she revealed it last July He has metastases and his cancer has spread to his brain.