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Featherweight attacks fan with water bottle: 'His fame soared' – People – Culture

Featherweight attacks fan with water bottle: 'His fame soared' – People – Culture

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laiga She is a singer of the regional Mexican genre, currently 24 years old and has gained great popularity in recent months, becoming known internationally as featherweightMoreover, his singles “The Girl”, “Dancing Alone”, “Qalona”among other things, gained recognition.

In the last few hours, the Mexican singer made headlines, because this could be seen through social networks He starred in an embarrassing moment at one of his concertsSo his fans confirmed it “The fame went to his head.”

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It is known that the controversial event occurred last Monday, January 15, while Biso Pluma was at a private event, also organized by several radio stations in Texas, United States.

Peso Pluma performed at the event and performed many of their most famous songs, while attendees enthusiastically chanted their singles.

But there was a “small” detail that overshadowed the show, as it is known that at some point during the show The singer kicked the hand of a fan who was near the stage As if that wasn't enough, he set out to do so He emptied a bottle of water in his hand onto the assistant's head.

As expected, the video spread quickly on various social media networks, where its followers were present They strongly criticized his actions and treatment of his fansClaiming that he owes his success to them.

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“I liked him very much, and the good thing is that Xavi actually beats him”, “He went too far”, “He also threw the drink that was on the floor with his foot”, “This is my idol, the person who humiliates people who swallow him.” “Oh no, how ugly he is. If I didn't love him all the more now because he wasn't humble at all, but what goes up comes down.”These are some of the comments the post received.

However, similar scenes have happened before, so he pointed out in an interview conducted by Beso Pluma in the New York Times that The fame he achieved In recent years and The rapid rise he achieved in his career It brought many problems 'Psychological health'.

“Many people don't know that I suffer from anxiety attacks (…) It is very important for people with mental problems to be treated and to talk about them,” Biso Pluma said in the New York Times.

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