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Shakira reappears, smiling and well-dressed after her supposed trip with her kids to Colombia

Shakira reappears, smiling and well-dressed after her supposed trip with her kids to Colombia

The translator of “Monotonía”, who announced her separation from “Gerard Pique” almost a year ago, returned with a big smile on her face and next to a mysterious man.

Shakira looks happy with her trainer

On Wednesday, May 31, Shakira enjoyed a surfing session on the coast of the so-called “Sun City”, but she was not alone.

By Hello! USA, she had the company and advice of her coach, whose identity is still unknown as of now.

Shakira and her surfing school in Miami.

credit: / Mega / The Grosby Collection

The singer-songwriter of The Flies in the House looked like a true surfer thanks to a Hurley blue long-sleeved T-shirt and shorts.

Shakira looks happy in Miami.

credit: / Mega / The Grosby Collection

When they got off the boat, she and the coach, both covered in sunglasses, were chatting pleasantly on the dock.

Shakira chats with her coach after a water skiing session.

credit: Grosby Group

Shakira has been surfing in the sea in the famous harbor in Florida for days and boasted about it on her Instagram account.

“If there are no waves, they are made!” he wrote to describe a video of him happily exercising, which he posted to his personal page on May 23.

The star’s latest sporting activity occurred after it was revealed that he had allegedly visited his native Barranquilla for about 72 hours.

As reported by the Caracol Radio Network, she was going to fly with Milan and Sasha in a private jet to Colombian soil to spend time with her father, William Mubarak.

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The outlet explained that the singer was with her father in a “private meeting” that was held in the presence of a number of the Mubarak brothers.

On April 13 of this year, Europe Press reported that William and his wife, Nydia Ripoll, had finally left Barcelona, ​​Spain; However, they were unable to determine if they were headed to the United States.

Since May 2022, the 91-year-old writer has seen his health deteriorate. Firstly, due to a severe fall that required him to be hospitalized for several weeks.

In March, Vanitatis collaborator Sylvia Tollis announced that the artist was looking for American doctors to operate on her father, hoping he would get better.

Shakira will meet again with Pique this weekend

On May 23, El Gordo and La Flaca collaborator Jordi Martin revealed that Shakira will meet Pique on Saturday, June 3.

“(They will meet) at a party that will be held at the school where Milan and Sasha go,” he said, referring to the graduation party.


The press has been interested in Shakira and Pique’s every move since they announced their separation last June after more than 12 years of romantic relationship. Now, Shakira has been caught on her way home to Barcelona after taking her kids to school.


The Colombian singer is adapting to a new routine with the little ones, after reaching a mutual agreement with Gerard Pique that they were in his custody.

credit: Grosby Group

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After the release of her song “BZRP music Session #53”, in which she vented about her breakup with Piqué, she was seen calm and connected with the crowd.


In fact, in the photos taken by the paparazzi after dropping her children off at school, the “Luba” interpreter was seen with a subtle smile for the cameras.

credit: Grosby Group


Fulfilling her obligations as a mother, she opted for a casual look consisting of a black blazer and matching knitted hat.

credit: Grosby Group

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Shakira’s photos were taken after dropping her children off at school on the same day that Gerard Pique made his relationship with Clara Xia “official” on social networks.

credit: Grosby Group


A snapshot of Pique and his new girlfriend of 23 years, with whom Shakira was allegedly unfaithful, quickly went viral and dozens of memes appeared about it.

credit: Gerard Pique / Instagram


For her part, the “Waka Waka” singer showed indifference to the retired footballer’s post.

credit: Grosby Group

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Unlike the singer, Pique seemed serious after the attacks he received for releasing “BZRP Music Sessions #53”.

credit: Grosby Group


Pique continued to see his children. A few days ago the paparazzi caught him going to pick up Sasha and Milano at the house he previously shared with them and his ex-wife.

credit: Grosby Group

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Getty Images/Grosby Collection


Shakira, 45, and Clara, 23, have been compared physically by netizens. Some say Gerard Pique was looking for “the same mold”.

credit: Getty Images/Grosby Collection


It’s been seven months since Shakira and Pique briefed them on their breakup, however, the footballer and Clara Xia have been seen together on more than one occasion.

credit: Grosby Group

Zuma Press / Grosby Collection


Paparazzi chased after Pique and Clara to take pictures of them together. Now it was the couple themselves who decided to shout their love to the four winds.

credit: Zuma Press / Grosby Collection