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SEMFYC Calls for Final Boost in New Family and Community Medicine Program

SEMFYC Calls for Final Boost in New Family and Community Medicine Program

the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) I have requested a final payment for the Royal Decree that will include both the new official program for the specialty of Family and Community Medicine. This The new document will update the evaluation criteria. From training specialists. As well as Accreditation Requirements Multi-professional teaching units for family and community care.2

For semFYC, this new program is a “must-have for the major.” Also,Responds to a strong competency update that should include the training needs of the specialty. In the current and changing context of family and community medicine in its full development in primary care. In this sense, they expressed in a statement: In appreciation of the work developed by the National Committee for Specialization And for their “commitment and flexibility in the face of a complex and lengthy technical process that is now in the final stage of publication.”

The Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine also considered that at the present time “it is of utmost importance that the teaching units of family and community care receive the necessary support”. Therefore, Effective simplification of the final processing of the program in this specialty will be a great support.

It is worth remembering that since the days The document has already received the approval of the Human Resources Commission of the Autonomous Regions.In this way, it will be ready to see its immediate publication in the State Gazette, which is the last administrative procedure necessary for it to enter into force, they explained.

Finally they made it clear “The new Official Specialization (POE) program is a much-needed improvement and update.”Even the Federation of Spanish Scientific Medical Associations (FACME) conveyed a sense of urgency last December. All this with the aim of disseminating new standard operating procedures, including family and community medicine.

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