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Search for three missing American sailors near Mazatlán, Mexico

Search for three missing American sailors near Mazatlán, Mexico

(CNN) — The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is assisting Mexican naval teams in the search for “three American sailors, last heard from near Mazatlán, Mexico, on April 4,” according to a USCG news release.

The three men, identified as Kerry O’Brien, Frank O’Brien and William Gross, were aboard the 13-meter Ocean Bound sailboat La Fitte when they left the Mexican city of Mazatlán for San Diego, the USCG said.

“Sailors planned to stop at Cabo San Lucas on April 6 to pick up supplies and report before proceeding to San Diego,” the news release said.

“However, there is no record of his arrival at Cabo San Lucas or any report of his whereabouts,” USCG officials said.

“Search and rescue coordinators contacted Baja California Marinas,” but the vessel was missing, according to the press release.

“Urgent maritime communications have been issued by VHF radio, all sailors are missing and the ship is to be tracked,” the USCG said.

Coast Guard officials are asking sailors or anyone with information about the sailboat at sea to contact the USCG Search and Rescue Coordination Center at 510-437-3701.

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