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These American workers will receive two bonuses in 2023

These American workers will receive two bonuses in 2023

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo announced that state workers will receive two $500.00 USD bonuses throughout the year. This was echoed in the bill signed last week.

Official Text of the Legislature, No. 268, provides retention bonuses for employees of the executive branch. The same applies to full-time judicial employees and legislative employees.

The beneficial plan was signed in Carson City and about 12 workers from the Department of Transportation were on site with the governor present. “I wanted to be here to sign AB 268 because of the severe weather we’ve had across the state this winter,” Lombardo said. “When our state was in need this winter, NDOT employees stepped up to help.”

Shared leadership

In signing the aforementioned bill, Lombardo was not alone. This time he was accompanied by other top executives, for example, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. Also in attendance were Assembly Speaker Steve Yeager, Assembly Minority Leader PK O’Neill and Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop.

It is important to remember the governor’s speech last January. Later, Lombardo released some good news. Employees of the Executive Branch will receive an annual retention bonus of up to $2,000.00 USD.

This became a real motivation to raise the income of government employees. At the same time, it is a hook to attract new employees to the public sector. Over the past year, many have left their Nevada state positions to fill other local positions.

Where will the budget come from to issue the declared bonds? The pledged funding comes from about $25 million. In this case, the money belongs to the Nevada General Fund.

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