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Science Fair: 57 projects submitted

On Friday, August 5, the Provincial Exhibition of Education, Science, Art and Technology was held with the participation of students from different levels of the educational system of educational institutions in the city of 9 de Julio, localities and rural areas of the party. In total, 57 projects were submitted. The exhibition was held in the facilities of Technical School No. 2.
The event was presided over by Chief Regional Inspector Andrea Macheroni, accompanied by the Regional Science Exhibitions Coordinator Alejandra Zuccari, and Chief Regional Inspector Leonor Cabreroli. Senator Maria Elena Devoncio, Municipal Authorities headed by the Minister of Government, Victor Altari; Chief of Staff, Dr. Maria Jose Gentile; Minister of Culture, Education and Sports Julia Cereguedo; and Director of Education, Marisa Buratti. It was attended by advisors and council authorities
School, families, students, Secretary of Culture, Education and Sports, and Director of Education. They gave the organizers a copy of the decree declaring the event “of municipal interest.”
The wings were assembled on Thursday. The opening performance began on Friday after 9:30 am with emotional intonation of the anthem and choreography by the 9 de Julio School of Aesthetics.
Chief Regional Inspector Andrea Macheroni expressed her feelings at a meeting of these characteristics after the consequences of the pandemic. “Science fairs have a lot to say and have become important,” Mascheroni said, noting that they are part of a “process that began in the classroom.”
“Today’s science fairs are another example of what’s happening in the classroom and it’s not the last one either. It is a station to open our classrooms, connect and build knowledge collectively,” explained Mascheroni who noted that “it is a consolidation of what has been done” with the aim of generating “more knowledge.” He thanked the organizers and the school.
The Chief District Inspector was very pleased to see the school with such a large presence of children and adults, accompanying families, “The entire educational community is in the school and I feel proud that here there are flags and projects from all the schools and modalities of the district. This is because we are all committed that education remains our flag.”
“Today this school has 57 projects, and after last year there were 33. Of course we will go for more, the schools are moving. “This is because someone took the initiative and the others took it,” Cabreoli said, thanking the exhibition committee, and hoping that everyone could enjoy the exhibition.

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