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Save editing time with AI: discover 5 video creation platforms

Save editing time with AI: discover 5 video creation platforms

There are many websites that let you create interactive videos from the comfort of your home (Freepik)

One of the factors that affected Amnesty International It is audiovisual production, specifically the creation and editing of videos, because there are currently many web addresses that allow this process to be automated.

Just with internet access and a device, you can get started and become an expert at Create video Whether in the professional or educational field or simply because of the passion for technology. From an ord file or presentation slides, they can be transformed using artificial intelligence into an interactive material that breaks the traditional model in both practical and academic fields.

Below we present different ways to create videos using artificial intelligence in it In the shortest possible time, in a simple way, and without the need to be an audio-visual expert.

The arrival of AI into everyday life has opened up more practical application when creating videos (YouTube: Inbar Mosseri)

1. Synthesis: This platform uses artificial intelligence to instantly create videos with specific avatars. The only thing you need is to have a text that includes the requirements that the audiovisual product must have and the platform will read it automatically and within a few minutes the video will be ready.

The creations on this platform are studio quality, offering over 70 avatars to choose from, as well as voiceovers in over 120 languages.

2. Raw pants: It is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create videos specifically for Educational and practical fieldsBecause it focuses on tailoring information to a specific audience (students or employees). It also provides everyone who needs it with audio-visual creativity with interactive materials.

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What is required is to upload the script or text with specifications so that it can web page Read it and create video instantly. This platform has different purchase plans as well as a free trial consisting of five videos.

The impact of AI on audiovisual creativity has been so prevalent that it has helped create a cinematic production: SALT, created entirely using AI, from images, text and audio performance.

3. Deep Artificial Intelligence: This platform creates videos with avatars, converts text into voiceover, and has more than 80 languages ​​and In 5 minutes maximum.

The first thing is to create a new project, with the possibility of customizing the template you want to use or you can also choose the templates prepared by the platform. Next, you have to choose the language the video will contain, the avatar or template you want, and other aspects such as Music and design. Once the process is done, all that's left is to see and download the final product.

The presented platforms use artificial intelligence for video development. (Photo: Algotif)

4. Paraphrasing: This video creation tool analyzes the text provided and turns it into an animated character that starts speaking it. It is widely used by marketing companies to promote their brand through business videos which can then be disseminated through various information channels such as social networks.

However, it has always been aimed at businesses due to its creative approach, so it doesn't have a free plan for the average person, but if you're planning on owning a business, it's quite practical and accessible to start with.

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5. design.ai: Not only does this platform have built-in AI for creating videos, but it also allows you to create logos and graphic materials, which are usually used in commercial campaigns.

It is very easy to use, but its use has certain limitations, such as not being able to lower the volume of background music, but in terms of speed and good quality, it is a useful option for people who are just getting into artificial intelligence and audiovisual production.

In addition to these platforms provided, there are other mobile applications for editing videos or graphic materials that may be useful, among which are the following: Capture, Lightroomwhich are already well known, or new ones that include artificial intelligence e.g Videolab.