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Choferes de Santiago paralizan servicios al ser desplazados de zona donde construyen teleférico y monorriel

Santiago drivers paralyze services when they leave the area where they are building cable cars and monorails

About 14 public transport routes in Santiago paralyzed their services on Thursday, after they were displaced, without warning, from the respective stations located near the Hermanos Patiño Bridge, as the government is building the city’s monorail and cable car. The strike began at 8:30 am It continues until 5:00 pm.

Drivers said They have more than 40 years of business from that place And today they found the information that they will not be able to park in the entire environment, due to the work done by the Office for the Reorganization of Transport (OPRET).

Juan Mart, president of the National Center for Transport Workers (CNTT), stated that the construction company’s obstacle to drivers is nothing more than improvisation and a lack of guidance for Santiago residents.

Early in the day he posted signs indicating “I don’t pack my luggageWhich disturbed more than a thousand drivers in 14 routes.

According to Marty, officials do not agree with President Luis Abenader’s goodwill to solve transportation problems, “the president is going in one direction and his officials are going in another.”

Part of the concho roads and intercity roads that were prohibited from operating in the bridge area are: San José de las Matas, Las Canelas, Los Almácigos, Hato del Yaque, Jánico, Sabana Iglesia and La Cuesta roads, no saw. In addition to the urban roads RPA, O, PA, R, B and L. among others.

For several months now, the government has been working on two of the most ambitious road mobility projects, such as the monorail and cable car, which have caused several roads in Ciudad Corazón, including: Avenida 27 de Febrero, completely closed in a section of the Pueblo sector Nuevo, as well as the southern Circunvalación, Las Carreras, with Antonio Guzman, are very important routes for the traffic civilization of Santiago.

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