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Samsung workers strike for higher wages

Samsung workers strike for higher wages

Workers at South Korean tech giant Samsung They started a general strike on Monday.The head of a union representing tens of thousands of employees announced.

The strike started today“I declare to France Press agency Sun Woo Mok, Chairman of the National Federation of Samsung Electronics.

In the early afternoon, thousands of workers gathered outside the company’s foundry and semiconductor plant in Hwaseong, south of Seoul. With ribbons on their jackets reading “Fight in Solidarity.”

“Do you still think this doesn’t affect your production line?” Vice Guild President Lee Hyun Kook asked. About 5,200 workers gathered at the site.

Why is there a strike at Samsung?

The union has about 28,000 members, more than a fifth of the company’s employees. Last week, a three-day strike was declared after wage negotiations collapsed.

Management at the company, the world’s largest maker of memory chips, has been negotiating with the union over wages and benefits since January.

“We are at a critical crossroads,” the union said in a message to its members. “The strike is the last card we have left,” he added, calling on workers to “work as one entity.”.

Employees rejected the offer of a 5.1% salary increase. The union also raised demands for increased leave and performance-based bonuses.

Samsung declined to comment on the strike.

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