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Salvador Nasrallah burns himself and brands Daniel Ortega a “dictator”

The virtual elected vice president of Honduras, the centrist Salvador Nasrallah, called the regimes of Nicaragua and Venezuela “dictatorships”; And he promised his ally, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, that his presidential formula would not be allowed to return to dictatorship.

Nasrallah’s statements were made to Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos, who confirmed that he was unaware of the socio – political crisis in Nicaragua, contrary to what the Honduran politician had revealed to the CNN chain a week earlier.

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“Yes, to me he is a dictator (Nicolas Maduro). (…) Actually my party is centered on the Salvador Party of Honduras, but our coincidences are the needs of the Honduran people, 74% of the poor, it is more than any ideology,” Nasrallah showed him a video. Then announced. In 2015, Xiomara Castro praised the image of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The Vice President-elect and his Salvador de Honduras party participated in an electoral alliance with Libertad y RefundaciĆ³n (LIBRE, left), a political organization led by Castro de Zelaya, in the general elections on Sunday, November 28. Vote for president and vice president because they defended their independence on the National Congress delegates list.

“I do not agree with Maduro or (Daniel) Ordega or any kind of dictator, and I firmly believe that Shiomara has no money to be a dictator and that we are going to work together to solve the needs of the people of Honduras. Insisted.

There will be no association with the Managua-Caracas-Havana print

Salvador Nasrallah also insisted that Honduras’ new left-wing government would not bow to countries under the influence of the Venezuelan regime, because foreign policy must be agreed between the two political parties that formed the coalition that allowed Xiomara Castro. Reaches the President’s chair.

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“I am a militant person and I will not allow Honduras to move towards a dictatorial government.