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Leonel Fernández expresa que la inflación se ha convertido en la principal inquietud que afecta a gobierno y consumidores

Lionel Fernandez reveals that inflation has become a major concern affecting the government and consumers

Lionel Fernandez, the former president of the Dominican Republic, believes that inflation has become a major source of concern and distress affecting consumers and governments.

The head of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (Funglode) said the world was at a turning point, and despite the use of measures and policies aimed at achieving recovery, uncertainty still prevailed.

Speaking at the launch of the Global Forum on “Trends in the World for Change” organized by Funglode, Fernandez commented that progress has been made in the fight against the epidemic, highlighting the global economic downturn it has caused. Around the world, the money problem has increased to an unprecedented extent.

“Governments have deliberately increased public spending more than ever before with the intention of promoting economic growth, reducing unemployment, reducing poverty and promoting prosperity,” he said.


However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. Faced with that situation, There is no other option but to seek public debtHe explained.

The head of Funglode argued that the health, economic and social crises caused by the epidemic would be overcome sooner than initially thought.

“But then, The demons of international public debt and inflation have emerged. Debt is at an all-time high. That’s about $ 293 trillion, which equates to approximately 330% of the planet’s GDP, “he said.

Fernandez argued The world’s major economies account for up to 250% of GDP, Without causing financial collapse, creates anxiety and fear about how to deal with such a situation.


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On the second anniversary of the spread of Covit-19, Fernandez pointed out that the world was moving in a paradoxical, dual direction: the rapid discovery of the vaccine created hope and the general illusion of a precursor to the disappearance of the epidemic. .

The former president said the economy was recovering and workers were returning to companies, as well as other actions that seemed to be the end of dreams, but with the discovery of the vaccine and similar variations. Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma.

Latin America, in particular, is a region of the world most affected by the epidemic, Fernandez said while speaking at the Fanglot forum.

He said that one day everything will return to normal and people will learn to live as always amidst challenges and opportunities.

“We will advance on new avenues of technological development and innovation; Creativity, entrepreneurship and imagination, ”said the former Dominican president.


The forum “World Trends in Change” takes place this Tuesday Cottage, La Romana, with the participation of various actors and decision makers from the professional, educational and social sectors.

In his inaugural address, Funglode’s Managing Director, Marco Herrera Beato, noted that the scenario would serve as a basis for discussing logistics issues and credit levels posed by all countries.

Herrera Beato noted that 54.2% of people worldwide have been vaccinated with the first dose, but in low-income countries this figure is only 5.8% of their population, which shows the global social inequality.

Republican Vice President Raquel Pena also attended the forum, where he spoke about the impact and management of COVID in the country.

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In the process, three panels will be held on topics such as global health care and primary health care, the importance of cov vaccines, the impact of the epidemic and the economic opportunities for cov and 2022.