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Russian rocket launch: runaway space shuttle rushes towards Earth

Russian rocket launch: runaway space shuttle rushes towards Earth

A fugitive Russian missile rushes towards the place the earth.

The rocket was part of a test by the Russian Space Agency last week. While initially declared successful, the top of the rocket has not burned properly and part of the Space Shuttle is now returning to Earth.

Development of the Angara A5 missile from Russia I have already encountered difficulties. Its first successful flight was in 2014, but it wasn’t launched again until another successful flight in 2020 – the last launch was to follow, and it was its last test flight with a new upper stage installed on it.

That upper stage, called Percy, was supposed to carry a dummy payload to a higher, stable orbit, as when used for full launches. But that didn’t happen, and Percy’s stage and load began to fall back to Earth.

Trackers show that the object lies about 87 miles (140 kilometers) away and is falling at high speed. Its speed and uncontrolled nature of the descent make it difficult to predict where and when it might land.

Most of the debris is likely to burn up when the missile reaches the atmosphere, and any piece is likely to be too small to cause significant damage. But it is another example of dangerous space debris falling to Earth after a missile launch chino The closely watched person made the same flight last year, after several expert warnings about the impact of unattended spacecraft parts.

Like this Chinese rocket, the Long March 5B, the Russian spacecraft is believed to weigh about 20 tons. But most of the mass of the new missile consists of propellant, which will burn in the atmosphere, reducing the likelihood of any possible damage.

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China’s missile finally fell to Indian Ocean, after landing a hard observer to the ground.