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Russia has threatened to attack British military targets if Ukraine bombs its territory with British weapons

Russia has threatened to attack British military targets if Ukraine bombs its territory with British weapons

Russia says it will attack British targets if British weapons are used to attack its territory

Spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria ZakharovaThis Thursday, he said that Moscow It will retaliate with attacks on British targets if Ukraine uses British weapons to attack Russian territory.

Zakharova told reporters that In such a scenario, British goals could be achieved “on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders.”

“Was it your own failed attempt at PR? Or was it the opposite of London’s official position? I’ll let them sort this out,” he commented.

I was repeating a warning Which was issued by Moscow for the first time earlier this month after British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said so Ukraine had the right to use weapons provided by London to attack targets inside Russia.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron poses for a photo after his appointment. Effie/EPA/Andy Ryan

Russia responded angrily to the comment, citing it as one of the reasons it chose to hold exercises this month simulating the launch of tactical nuclear missiles.

David Cameron visited Kiev in early May, where he claimed the UK was “one of the first” countries to supply arms to Ukraine and sign a security agreement. He noted that he is now also “the first to announce “Multi-year package”With the aim of other countries following suit.

David Cameron walks in Kiev next to a Russian tank on display in the Ukrainian capital in St Michael’s Square (Reuters/Thomas Peter/File)

The head of British diplomacy confirmed in a video broadcast on social media that this type of program “Important“For that country “Invaded illegally”.

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Moreover, he pointed out that “Ukraine’s security is the best investment “What can be done to ensure our security and prosperity?” In this sense, he warned, it is also being played in Ukraine.”European securityHe pointed to two different scenarios: one in which “Just peace“Ukraine regains its sovereignty and NATO becomes stronger,” and another includes the Russian president, Russian President Vladimir PutinVictory is achieved and the world becomesMore unsafe, uncertain and dangerous“.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron with President Volodymyr Zelensk. EFE/EPA/Ukrainian Presidential Press

ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, The British government welcomed the successive military aid packages announced by London, the last of which was confirmed in the last week of last April, worth 500 million pounds sterling (626 million US dollars). He stressed in a statement that “this package, along with the decisive decision taken by the United States to provide assistance, are of the utmost importance to us at a crucial moment.”

Cameron comments in an interview with Reuters During the visit to Ukraine they tagged A Sudden change In the position of one of the strongest supporters of Ukraine, according to Washington Post.Ukraine has this right“He told the agency. He added: “Just as Russia is attacking inside Ukraine, you can completely understand why Ukraine feels the need to make sure it defends itself.”

So far, Kyiv’s Western allies Forbidden Ukrainian forces are using weapons supplied by the West to attack Russian territory. This is due to the fear they feel of possible escalation and the start of a new conflict.

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Ukraine has been used Special weapons systemssuch as long-range self-destructing drones, to attack vital structures inside Russia.

(With information from Reuters and EP)