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Rosalía reacts to hot photos of Jeremy Allen White in his underwear

Rosalía reacts to hot photos of Jeremy Allen White in his underwear

For Calvin Klein

Jeremy Allen White He is the new face of Calvin Klein, with whom he shot an advertisement in which he appears Panties. The pictures spread everywhere, even to his girl. RosaliaAnd he interacted with them. Do not miss it!

Jeremy Allen White. Now, this is the name on everyone's lips His amazing ad for Calvin Kleinwhere he wanders the rooftops of New York shirtless and in his underwear.

The actor was chosen as the brand image for the new collection and uploaded several pictures and clips which spread like wildfire on social media. We can say that there are few people who have not seen it.

The reaction of many was admiration for the protagonist's physique The bear While they were waiting for their girl to respond, Rosalia. For months, the singer and Jeremy have been hanging out together and have been seen in public holding hands.

Movie theatres, restaurants, walks and even smoking areas. They are the new couple at the moment Catalan fans were waiting for her comment on the actor's announcement.

The answer here is actually very simple, yes. Rosalia He gave him a Likes To publication Which Jeremy uploaded to Instagram. Motomami is secretive about her private life and there are certain topics she prefers to keep secret.

Jeremy Allen White suffered from “imposter syndrome” with advertising

We even know that the American had difficulty appearing comfortable in the ad. When you feel “imposter syndrome”As revealed in GQ.

“You can only look at the sign.”, He said. “It's so big… I've always associated it (and still associate it) with New York City itself.”

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The 32-year-old actor admitted he never imagined being on one of these posters: “Who grows up thinking: 'I'm going to be in a Calvin Klein campaign one day?'

The big question we ask ourselves now: Will Rosalía attend the Golden Globe Awards with him?