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Rodolfo Hernandez confirmed that he had not informed Petro about the alleged suspension of the elections

Rodolfo Hernandez confirmed that he had not informed Petro about the alleged suspension of the elections

Following the statements of Gustavo Petro and Alfonso Prada, Debate President, on the information received from the team of Rodolfo Hernández, on the supposed suspension of the elections; The former mayor of Bucaramanga denied any kind of responsibility in the controversy launched by the historic charter leader.

According to the engineer, both Petro and Prada indicated that their campaign was “the source of information that led to the scandal of the alleged suspension of the May 29 elections.”

Faced with that, he did not hesitate to deny and confirm that “It is absolutely false that someone from my campaign, authorized or instructed, could spread such a lie,” piedecuestan described in the following document:

“The reason is very simple: I do not have a spokesperson, and no one is authorized to speak for me. He added, “I express my position through the numbered press releases signed by the undersigned.”

He asserted that Petro’s campaign had “welcomed the races,” presumed indications that the election would be suspended. All this “without performing the corresponding checks”.

Especially when it comes to a sensitive issue like this, ‘Suspension of Elections’, It is an irresponsible act that expresses a desire to confuse the country and spread smoke screens. Candidate Sergio Fajardo also voiced well, who didn’t eat a story about it either.”

Finally, Hernandez said that Petro had intended to “wash his hands” of the controversy that erupted, accusing his campaign of providing the information.

Engineer Hernandez concluded his speech by saying: “It is unacceptable in all respects, especially for him to do so as a candidate for the presidency.”

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Faced with his vehement disapproval of the “urgent” appointment called by Petro on social media, due to the alleged suspicion of the election being suspended, Alfonso Prada, the debate chair for the historic charter candidate, responded to Hernandez asserting that the information originated from his computer.

“Hernandez is a great engineer. If you don’t know or have forgotten, I want to tell you about it The crucial fact that has led our campaign to raise alarms about a possible suspension of the Registrar and the election, comes from individuals from his closest team,” confirmed.

In the midst of the final debate organized by SEMANA and the time, The presidential candidate repeated Prada and revealed the last name of the team member who allegedly sent the information.

The candidate noted that he was “Mr. Cali,” referring to businessman German Cali.

Pietro, in this conversation with the directors of the aforementioned media and other candidates aspiring to the presidency, emphasized that his accusation was not a single event, but rather a framework that was put in place over a period of two months by the top officials in the department. governmental.

He also spoke of the 700,000 votes restored by the historic charter in legislative elections and the ruling of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, which established the rules for suspending the registrar. He added that if that happened, the country would be in danger.

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“We were told from some campaign that this would happen on Tuesday and then we gave the alert”He said, but did not provide many details in his first response.

boss week, Vicky Davila, asked him again if Rodolfo Hernandez’s campaign had warned him of this fact. That was when he affirmed, “Yes, Mister Kali,” but preferred to reply to Fico, without going into further details.

German Cali is one of Rodolfo Hernandez’s advisors for this election. He is a famous golf entrepreneur in Colombia, organizing events and promoting the exclusive sport of the country. They are so close that the engineer was their best man.