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Manuel Vernos: “They are trying to silence my voice”

Manuel Vernos: “They are trying to silence my voice”

Now the former president of Inter-American University Confirmed by Manuel J.

On the contrary, the lawyer stated that he was preparing to file complaints about possible irregularities in the contracts concluded by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Inter, Jose R. Muñoz Avila.

“I think a misleading, misleading panel made that decision without giving me a chance to hear my voice. Without any chance of hearing my voice or knowing what it is all about,” Vernus said in a phone interview with this newspaper.

“The entire board of directors is not aware of this. They are trying to silence my voice because I have been denouncing wrongdoing, and I don’t want to say corruption, but wrongdoing in some consulting contracts,” he added, noting that these are “improper interferences” and “conflicts of interest.” in bidding processes.

The Board of Trustees of the Pan-American League today dismissed Vernus from the post of president. And when announcing the lawyer’s departure, through a press release, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees did not explain the reasons for the decision.

“They (the Board of Trustees) withdrew their confidence in me today. They gave me two options: dismissal for a reason or resign. I asked them why and they told me they didn’t have one. ‘Since they didn’t have one,’ said Vernus, ‘I told them ‘I won’t resign, they should fire me.’

The attorney, who was a former dean of the law school and dean of the Metro campus, said he received a positive appraisal of his performance at the Board of Trustees meeting in March. Now, he will return to his usual position as a law school professor.

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Since November, I feel the constant persecution of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, José Muñoz. I expected that everything that was happening was directed at that, which is for him to resign.”

He dismissed the information that an internal audit revealed that he had committed wrongdoing. He also defended his chief of staff, lawyer Dominic Gilormini, who had recently arrested him, stating that it was a “hoax” against his former assistant.

“I came out clean of everything,” he asserted. “I had to sign his (Gilormini) suspension letter, but I understand that everything against him is slander. I signed the letter of suspension, but I understand that on Mr. Gilormini’s side, there is nothing against him… The head they were looking for was mine. “.

Last week, Interamerican University management confirmed to various media outlets that the contract that former governor Wanda Vázquez Garced had to teach at law school would not be renewed once it expired at the end of the month. Vernus noted that he does not rule out “that they want to use” this argument against him.

“There are external factors affecting here and there are external factors, and there could be a political component involved, and there may be other politicians,” he said, without going into details.

He announced that he would file a legal appeal against his removal from the Board of Trustees and already has legal representation, which would be responsible to former Chief Justice Federico Hernandez Denton and attorney Harold Vicente.

I’m already a former boss. I feel very calm because I feel free.”

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