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The request that Francia Marquez intends to make to Joe Biden if he is elected Vice President

The request that Francia Marquez intends to make to Joe Biden if he is elected Vice President

This Tuesday, the Vice Presidential candidate for the historic charter, Francia Marquez, indicated how she, if elected, would work for Colombians abroad and the request she would make to the President of the United States, Joe. Biden.

“Not only do we have the challenge of preserving the dignity of life in Colombia. Our fight is also for all those who have already left the country and are risking their lives in search of opportunities. For this reason, we will ask our government to implement the temporary protection lawMarquez said on his Twitter account.

He explained that the request, Gustavo Petro’s formula for this election, would be submitted to the Biden government, whose purpose would be “to benefit the more than 182,000 Colombian men and women living in irregular immigration conditions in the United States.”

It is worth noting that in some foreign countries the tables are already open and Colombians can vote for a candidate of their choice at the various consulates of the country in different countries.

Given this, the Presidential candidates know that the United States is an important place, not just because of the number of Colombians living therebut also because of the bilateral relations it maintains.

Because of the above, candidate Gustavo Petro sent several letters to the Colombians living in that North American country, asking for their support in achieving his goal of reaching the presidency.

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“I am proposing to the Colombian voters in Florida, the United States, vote for Change for Life. If the Colombian identity in Florida behaves in the elections as a democracy, it will acquire a lot of political value to determine the elections in the United States, and it will be of high value”Petro confirmed in the last hours.

Additionally, the intriguing thing about this is that Florida is particularly marked by affiliation with other currents that do not feel represented by Petrism’s ideals.

But despite this, some personalities have expressed their support for the historical charter candidate such as This is the case of activist Humberto “Beto” Corral, who was a vocal critic of Uribismo and former President Alvaro Uribe and close to Project Colombia Humana as well as to Pietro.

In the final hours, Coral said that there was propaganda outside the consulate in Miami for both Vico Gutierrez and Gustavo Petro. The activist’s complaints sparked clashes between supporters of both candidates at the consulate.

Given this, Petrismo reports that the activist called a sit-in in front of the consulate. In addition, Representative Juan David Vélez also confirmed that the articles of the historic charter are in front of the consulate.

“In Miami, witnesses to the historic charter campaign forced the electorate with the approval of some jurors appointed by the same political group. It is important to be vigilant around the world,” asked the Democratic Center congressman, the representative of Colombians abroad.

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In the final hours, Petro also filed a complaint that left him in a bad place. One user commented: “Tomorrow I will be a jury member at the US Embassy, ​​vote for Petro, cancel this vote“.

Pietro replied: “Gentlemen, Prosecutor and Registrar, please take the relevant measures; if this person tells the truth, he is committing a crime.” Pietro was later forced to remove the decoration due to criticism that it was a satirical comment.

At the moment, the government has announced the complete normalization of the work of many of its consulates in other countries. In the last hours, Vice President and Counsellor Marta Lucia Ramirez confirmed that 81.6% of tables outside are currently considered normal.