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River Plate vs. Raiados (1-0);  They steal half the time

River Plate vs. Raiados (1-0); They steal half the time

The Rayados continue to forgive their rivals, it just didn’t happen Chivas On the The first day of the Clausura 2023which he did not materialize and lost 1-0; At the moment friendly with River Plate in Austin, TexasHe had some options and he didn’t score.

the Millionaires They were taking over the match, though, in the first part Louis Cardenas He shone in the goal and prevented damage, and in the complementary part, the goal came from him Lucas Beltran To win 1-0, in a match where gang I did not have Rogelio Funes Mori due to a sprained ankle.

Luis Cardenas shone in goal

Jonathan Maidana Seemingly dangerous header to open the scoring, however Mochis Cardenas He rose impressively to deflect a ball that was going for a goal in the 22nd minute.

at 27 minutes, Nacho Fernandez He had a one-on-one and tried to score with a small angle, but Mochis Cárdenas saved again, showing off.

The millionaires had the ball and the gang was waiting for the counterattack all of a sudden Duvan Vergara He almost scored a wonderful goal, taking advantage of a mistake at the start of River at 43 minutes, as he stole the ball and shot from outside the area, but goalkeeper Centurion made a wonderful save.

Walked into the second half

Mochis did a good job, but the second half went to the former from Boca Juniors, Stephen Andrada.

at 48 minutes, Rodrigo Aguirre He cleared two defenders, turned and fired almost sitting inside the area, but his shot was so loose it was easy for the goalkeeper.

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In the 53rd minute, Aguirre had it all to score, when he beat two defenders who had been marking him in the race, he was between them, and just as he was about to shoot on goal, he swept perfectly to Maidana to avoid damage.

German Bertram, another Argentinean from the riados, entered the field and quickly ran into dangerous hazards, but did not materialize; Aguirre sent him a pass to the far post, where his teammate reached on time, but his shot went one way.

The goal has been reached!

And with 12 minutes remaining in normal time, and at the insistence of River Plate, the goal fell to the Argentines. Ezekiel’s boat He stole the ball and gave it to the right Lucas Beltranwho controlled the ball, brought out all the defenders, Hector Moreno was the last to try to cover his shot, but it was not possible, the ball went into the goal.

Eviction and robbery

Sebastian Vegas He was dismissed in the 83rd, after sending Beltrán into the ground.

However, the absence was not noticeable, and the Rayados at 86′ had crossed into the penalty area, and at the far corner Berterame volleyed the ball into the net, but it was ruled out for offside; However, he wasn’t there, and the target was legitimate and they took it from the gang, a target that gave them a draw.