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Ricardo Gareca received bad news after being eliminated with Chile from the 2024 Copa America

Ricardo Gareca received bad news after being eliminated with Chile from the 2024 Copa America

Ricardo Gareca failed to qualify from the group stage with Chile at the 2024 Copa America, and received terrible news that will not let him sleep.

Chile failed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the 2024 Copa America, remaining in the group stage. Although much attention has focused on Colombian referee Wilman Roldan Given their controversial decisions in key games, such as the sending off of Gabriel Suazo, Spain did not make much of an effort to overcome Canada, who took the lead in the tie.

Given this, the person who is largely “responsible” for the failure – so to speak – has a name and a title. He is Ricardo Gareca, who was heavily criticized by the Chilean press For the failure of the La Roja team in the 2024 Copa America, as it left the tournament without scoring any goals and with only two points out of a possible nine.

If the “Tiger” thought that what happened in the United States would pass with lukewarm water, he was very wrong, as it was reported from him: Chilean Football Federation to be responsible About La Roja’s participation. The meeting was initially scheduled to take place this week, but due to scheduling problems it was postponed to next week.

“We decided to show next week so he has more time.”they say from the ANFP Board of Directors headed by Pablo Milad, according to the portal thirdOne of the main points that will be addressed is that no goal was scored in the 270 minutes that include the three matches in the group stage.

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Chile in Copa America

Chile made their Copa America 2024 debut against Peru. Roja had more possession and created more scoring chances, but luck was not on their side. In the second match, a team led by Ricardo Gareca lost 1-0 to Argentina led by Lionel Messi.

On the final date, Mapocho’s team could not get past a draw against Canada and thus were eliminated from the tournament. Tigre has a few days to present their defense of the team’s failure in the Copa America. The achievement was to add their third title to their history.

When do Chile play again?

The Chilean national team, led by Ricardo Gareca, will return to sporting competition when it visits Argentina on September 5, as part of the seventh date of the 2026 North American qualifiers, then five days later it will face Bolivia at home in the eighth round of the North American qualifiers for the same tournament mentioned.