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References of the world’s physical sciences meet in Bahia – La Brujola 24

References of the world’s physical sciences meet in Bahia – La Brujola 24

Bahia is the venue, between Tuesday and Friday, for one of the most important meetings in the physical sciences, with registrations from all over the country and beyond. This is the 108th meeting of the Argentine Physical Union, which will be attended by specialists.

The meeting is the activity with the greatest impact in the country in terms of outreach to the Argentine physics community, because it covers the entire range of research and is usually a framework for the presentation of scientific works in which more than 1,000 authors participate.

Through plenary conferences, work presentation tables and even film debates, attendees will engage in four days of work at various locations including the University Presidency, UNC Middle Schools and the Historic Cultural Center. Among the visitors, physicists came to the city from Germany, Spain, Italy, Chile, the Netherlands and the United States, to name a few.

Gabriela Cabeza, a member of the event’s organizing committee, spoke to Compass 24 About the activity. “We have nearly 500 registered. We have researchers who come from the United States, Italy, Germany and Spain. It is a meeting where specialists come together which will allow for an interdisciplinary analysis.” “It’s not too late”hosted by Emmanuel Olaya.

“This meeting with Bahia puts it on a different level; The truth is that we are very happy. “We are grateful for the support we have received,” he added.

Full interview with Gabriela Cabeza

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