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Marin told Manyueco that the university could apply medicine “with the guarantee…

Marin told Manyueco that the university could apply medicine “with the guarantee…

The Dean of the University of León, Juan Francisco García Marin, as he did last year, again demanded a medical degree in León and directly questioned the President of the Council, Alfonso Fernández Manico, who told him: “You already know that we have applied for a medical degree , and submit the corresponding report, which we will expand and improve. We have requested this based on several facts and future perspectives, and we also know the social demand that exists in this regard. That is why we will continue to insist on this demand, which is to establish a college of medicine, which we believe is reasonable And fair.” He stressed that the matter is not about requesting a degree for the sake of requesting it, and “it is not about implementing a new degree every year, but only those that we can implement with guarantees.”

Marin, who noted that there will be another dean next year after elections will be held “before the summer,” also reminded the board of the “remarkable efforts to improve” that public universities are making in the community, often “in situations that are not optimal,” and that is why The reason Manueco “succeeded in being sensitive to this effort and that the Junta of Castilla and León supports us, to continue to help improve our social environment. Universities are an essential part of society, let us provide them with the appropriate resources for their continued progress.”

“Let us take into account their contribution to the training of professionals who will make society better and who are fundamental to its progress. It is also our responsibility to revitalize our environment, attract talent, make our region economically and intellectually richer, and make us known and appreciated at the national and international level,” said Rector Leonie in concluding his speech. “University means science, education, training and progress.”

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The University of León presented awards to the best undergraduate and master’s students of last year at the opening ceremony of the academic year by the President of the Council, Alfonso Fernández Manico.

Professor of the field of Systems Engineering and Automation Manuel Dominguez González is responsible for the opening lesson of this academic year: Automation: Transverse, Hidden and Transformative Scientific Discipline.