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Candidates for the position of mayor of Azul will be presented before the local delegation of economic sciences

Candidates for the position of mayor of Azul will be presented before the local delegation of economic sciences

The presidential delegate of the Blue Delegation of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Province of Buenos Aires, accountant Horacio Aguilar, informed the newspaper EL TIEMPO that “our local delegation will be the host and has proposed this activity to the candidates for mayor of the city of Buenos Aires.” “This is what we decided together, three individual interventions. It is not a debate, as each one can present his governmental plan, his proposal for the municipality of Azul.”

“We, as hosts, had the audacity to set aside a little space to ask them our own questions, those that relate to the economic sciences profession,” Aguilar noted.

For this reason, “we hope that as many colleagues as possible will attend and of course whoever wants to attend. It is completely free and for the entire community.”

First exhibition today

She explained, “After the lottery we held, she was the first speaker [hoy] Natalia Colome, 7 p.m., at the headquarters of our delegation, Avenida Perón, Spain.”

“Next week, it will be Dr. Luis Kletnicki’s turn, and on October 3, Nelson Sombra will present,” said accountant Aguilar.

On the other hand, he stated, “Then there is another aspect, which we are thinking about but we will not decide. Rather, the idea is to invite all journalists or media outlets, people who are analyzing the current situation, to attend.” “Our conversations set an agenda for journalistic conclusions. But that will be seen after the fact.”

Regarding the activity that will begin today with the presentation of the first candidates for the position of mayor of Azul, accountant Aguilar noted that “it is nothing more than that: it was the will of those of us who manage the council, at this moment, as a contribution, because our delegation has always been aware of community issues and, if possible , participated in it.

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“We never ventured into this aspect except once when someone asked us for space,” he noted. However, “on this occasion, so that everyone has the same possibility, we have put it this way, through these three offers. We await the final scrutiny by PASO and immediately present it to the three remaining candidates.”

The exhibitions will be held in the hall of the local delegation of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences “Dr. Maria Celia Tao de Zandona”.

Special topics

When asked what topics accountants keep to themselves, Aguilar noted, “What we keep to ourselves are topics related to our profession, such as municipal budget, tax law, tax law, purchasing office, supplier registration, and online procedures.” Or personal actions, mandates – a topic that has always been complex, without making a value judgment – and all issues that any businessman or person who has to interact with the municipality on tax issues comes first for the review of an accountant. The same thing happens in other professions, as is the case with management graduates and economics graduates.”

He immediately added: “So, why don’t we present concepts and principles for reforming what needs to be reformed not only by political criteria. I realize that they are all political tools, when we talk about the budget, about rates, but about their technical tools.” You must have adequate support.”

In this context, “Our idea is to exchange ideas, and establish a dialogue between the candidates for mayor and a sector of society, but it is open to anyone who wants to attend our delegation. There are no restrictions,” Aguilar concluded.

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