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Recurring images of airports

Recurring images of airports

Despite the closure of the borders and the actions of the US government to prevent the illegal entry of immigrants, Cubans continue to travel to Nicaragua to achieve their dream.

A few days ago, actor George Ferdekas Filmed Video of a crowd of Cubans at the departure gate for Nicaragua at the Havana airport. A scene repeated elsewhere on the island.

Diasniurka Salcedo Verdecia, independent journalist, also published her profile A photo from Facebook of the Frank Bois International Airport in Holguin shows crowds of people waiting to board a flight to a country that granted free visas to Cubans a few years ago.

“Everyone to Nicaragua. Pictures taken at Holguin Airport on 9/13/2023. “Cuba is without youth,” he wrote. The publication’s comments prove him right.

User Jessika Barrera Cuesta pointed out: “As soon as fate allows me, I will leave too, there is no future here.” Marina Bermudez Pino expressed: “And those who can’t do it because they don’t have the possibility. It’s the only option”.

In the same way, Estrella Reyes commented: “That’s right, we are all fighting for the same thing: trying to escape the country. There is no future here”.

Cubans on the Move: An Island Without Youth

In March 2023, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez assured the official press that most young people were leaving the island for “economic reasons” and that “an important part would return”.

Referring to a crisis that will cause almost 300,000 Cubans to enter the United States in 2022, the president said: “I believe that the whole world should talk about migration, we are worried about Cuba, but the whole world “We are experiencing a serious immigration problem today, which is related to many things. ”

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In this sense, considered It said the underlying reason for immigration is “the epitome of the American dream” and that “it’s usually young people who migrate anywhere in the world” because “only young people at that age try to take other paths . . .”

On another occasion, he asserted that “there is that accumulated feeling that there are a lot of people who want to immigrate” because the U.S. is not complying with the 20,000 annual visa cap. “It’s painful that there are young people who don’t realize that they can build their life plan in the country and have to emigrate” but “we shouldn’t generalize” was added.