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She gives birth at the border while trying to enter the United States.

She gives birth at the border while trying to enter the United States.

City of Juarez. Frustration is growing among a new wave of migrants at Mexico’s northern border, where pregnant women who have given birth right at the border between the two countries are desperate to enter the United States.

Erica Lobos, a 20-year-old woman from Guatemala who tried to cross the border in Ciudad Juarez, gave birth 60 days ago on the side of Mexico’s Paso del Norte International Bridge.

She was about to enter Texas, but when her water broke, U.S. immigration agents sent her back to Juárez.

Finally, when an ambulance did not arrive, she held her daughter in a cafeteria on Juárez Avenue, supported by members of the Metropolitan Police.

Now, nearly two months after entering the United States, he is still waiting for a new appointment.

“We were about to cross America but my water broke and they sent me off the bridge and some officers there helped me get the baby because I couldn’t wait for the ambulance any longer,” Erica The Good told EFE. Samaritan Shelter.

“I didn’t want that for my daughter, I wanted her to have a good life, I wanted her to have clothes, but it didn’t happen that way, it hurt me because my daughter didn’t have clothes.” Added new Guatemala Thai.

Thousands of migrants have arrived in Ciudad Juárez on Mexico’s northern border. (Luis Torres)

A new wave of migration

Migrant flows through Mexico have picked up again after an initial drop last May due to the expiration of US Title 42 approved by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Erika’s case reflects the frustration of a new wave of thousands of migrants stranded in Mexico.

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Over the past two days, hundreds of migrants have passed through the razor wire barrier at the Ciudad Juárez border, but agents quickly apprehend them.

Meanwhile, shelters in the border town of El Paso, Texas, have been filled with nearly 2,500 people for two weeks.

Many of them have been waiting for months for their appointment to begin the process of immigrating to the US.

“They surrender of their own free will, they come with children, whole families, and single men on their journey,” explained Laura Oropeza, a Venezuelan who crossed the jungle from El Darien to Juárez. , one of the current centers of migration in Mexico.

Nominations for asylum in the US have not arrived

Pastor Jorge Castillo is in charge of the El Buen Samaritano shelter where Erika is, and explained that because of delays in appointments to claim asylum in the United States, more immigrants dare to cross the Rio Grande and surrender to immigration. Agents with all the dangers this implies.

“My advice is that in asking there is giving, if they come with an arrogant attitude that they deserve everything, they will create confusion among the authorities and this will harm the people,” he told EFE.

“My advice is to do things better, it may take time but it’s safer,” he added.

Data from shelter managers estimates that more than 2,500 immigrants are in shelters, more than 1,000 are living on the streets, and another 4,000 have rented a house or found other shelter.

While an estimated 8,000 migrants are estimated to be stranded in the city, activists accept that it is difficult to ascertain how many migrants are in the city now, as hundreds arrive by train each day and it is unclear how many manage. To cross, undocumented way.

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