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Recommendation to Jean-Alain in the Medusa case

Recommendation to Jean-Alain in the Medusa case

about file jellyfish casewhich exceeded twelve thousand pages, Joten Corrie said that he saw part of it and that he also read what came in the press and confirmed that the evidence you were considering Public Prosecution They are very strong.

“It is a very unfortunate case… and there is not much to talk about because the evidence is very strong; it is a very solid file and every day new aspects come out and I thought in private that he (a former lawyer) Jean Alan RodriguezThe lawyer noted on the Reseñas program hosted by journalists Ramón Núñez and Adelaida Martínez 🙂 It would be appropriate for him to negotiate as others did and as his right hand did.


He called for not confining them to the former lawyer only, because he understands that there are also others involved in the government hierarchy who manage more money than he manages, and also public rumors indicate that they were illegally enriched.

“But, at some point, it had to be started and it started there and I repeat, the coil is very strong and very strong. Now what they will have is to undergo work justice And to continue investigating other cases that are sure to come up because there are a lot of people who haven’t been called in connection with other cases that are out there…people who have made huge fortunes during those eight years of the last government.” That would be a sentence.

He said that if you do not start at some point, as is the case with the Domain Confiscation Act, then the state will simply disappear, and it will collapse, because everything is until one day.

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Finally, when asked whether or not the constitution should be touched upon to reform it, he said that if it was because of an aspect of the MP’s autonomy, it would not make sense because that entity is.

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