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Real Spain halted their winning streak against Honduras Progreso that saved the classification

Real Spain halted their winning streak against Honduras Progreso that saved the classification


Royal Spain He got his first draw in the tournament Closing 2022 After crashing in his visit to Honduras progress (1-1), ending his historic streak of 11 consecutive victories in The National League.

In the least gaudy match of the era Hector VargasThe Machine He tried until the last moment to achieve victory, which many factors prevented.

One of those was meeting some seasoned rice growers, who were mathematically saved from relegation after keeping themselves seven points off the Platency, which still has 6 to play. However, on Monday they will know if They will lose five points in the lawsuit casewhich makes them play against himself their salvation shark in progress.

On the other hand, there is a catastrophic field Umberto Micheletti He was denied that the aurinegro team had shown the colorful game they had presented in their previous eleven matches with their victory. The ball never stopped jumping, which made finishing the ball and shooting certain passes difficult. It is difficult to play professional football in a field of this type.

on the markDevron Garcia He was honored to put Sampdranos in front after taking advantage of a fatal error in his elimination by the local defense after a free kick from Jaw Benavidez; Real’s central defense scored a strong and low goal to defeat the Colombian goalkeeper Andres Salazar (47).

Farah La Varganeta did not last long, and after moments he noticed that he was the star of the Honduran striker, Eric Andinotook advantage of the professor’s defense control to enter the area and with a cross shot to end the final match (51′).

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Bubba Lopez It was a switch when the hand was stopped Christian Sakaza (55′), while it is dimmer gao He sent a hot ball flying to the edge of the area after dying on the heels (74′).

Jetzel MontesTwo minutes later, he jumped alone in front of the forward goal, but sent the ball over the crossbar, a miss that would have made the difference.

Machine (34 points) he could still surpass the institution’s record in points (38 points) he achieved in the previous tournament, if he passed the tournament. Derby suspension And the final match against life times next Saturday in harbor cutsbeing local.

– case –

Royal Spain: Luis Lopez, Kevin Alvarez, Getzel Montes, Devron Garcia, Franklin Flores; Joe Benavides, Carlos Mejia, Gerson Chavez, Alejandro Reyes; Omar Rosas and Junior Lacayo.

the changes:

46′ Entry: Carlos Bernardez, Exit: Alejandro Reyes

58″ Input: Yesun Mejia, Exit: Junior Lakayo

58′ In: Heyreel Saravia Exit: Gerson Chavez

74′ Entry: Marco Assetono Exit: Omar Rosas

yellow: Zhao Benavidez, Getsil Montes

Objectives: Devron Garcia (47′)

Honduras offers: Andres Salazar; Angel Barrios, Dixon Ramirez, Alberto Paredes, Victor Araoz; Jose Queiroz, Leslie Heraldez, Sylvain Guevara; Christian Sakaza, Giovanni Martinez and Eric Andino.

the changes:

69 ‘In: Yoni Dolmo, exit: Sylvain Guevara

60′ In: Edwin Maldonado Out: Leslie Heralds

81 ‘: In: Javier Martinez out: Eric Andino

yellow: Christian Sakaza, Victor Arauz

Objectives: Eric Andino (51 minutes)