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Toca Ferretti agreed that what he experienced in FC Juarez was new to his career

Toca Ferretti agreed that what he experienced in FC Juarez was new to his career

After managing two championships And unable to avoid paying 80 million pesos Good because it’s the last time in the quotient tableTechnicalJuarez, Riccardo Ferretti agreed he’s having a bad time And that he learned a lot at this point from situations he never had to live in at the previous clubs he was in.

She said Big disappointmentHe is feeling bad and this has also helped him to improve in various aspects.

There are many things that I know I have to get better, I always say that when you talk or when you want to criticize, you don’t have a mirror. Because first you have to see yourself and then think about criticizing someone. In this Two tournaments There are many things that I have learned and have to adjust. Maybe the talk comes from bad results, the disappointment is so great, the anxiety is so great and the distrust is so great, you start to feel small, but I don’t think it is that way,” he said.

There are many things I learned in these two tournamentsAnd Compassion He was based on lossesBecause when you win someone should strive to improve so that you can reinforce what you learn, that’s part of life. I’ve never been in such a situation before.There is always a first time and I have to take it as if things are going well for me, then I have no regrets, on the contrary, I am grateful to the board of directors, the players and the fans.

Ferretti will hold talks with the leadershipBut Everything indicates that it will not last in the Frontier Club.

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Really disappointed and bad, it was our commitmentSince I arrived I thought people were thinking about titles and I said that, Someone comes here to work And strive to solve this problem that we have not been able to solve.”

You know that with the base change and with the quotient set to zero, Juarez will play the loser.

Braves Clausura 2022 will close play against him Queretarowhere Tuca hopes to emerge victorious And not to hold a press conference true to his habits.

Still one game to goI hope it will be the last because when I win I don’t talk,” he said.