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Goodbye union?  They filtered out what Segovia said to Larcamón in the Puebla vs Necaxa match

Goodbye union? They filtered out what Segovia said to Larcamón in the Puebla vs Necaxa match

Juan Pablo Segovia / Nicolas Larcamon

Larcamonismo is going through another difficult chapter, as his recent defeat to Jaime Lozano left Necaxa injured in Puebla that looked to be standing out after his lengthy victory over Lyon. Larcamón are at risk of not qualifying directly for the quarter-finals, a goal that DT has set as a priority.

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What is alarming about this loss is the way in which the growing annoyance and disagreements are emerging on campus. This was manifested in the fight between Juan Pablo Segovia and Larcamon himself, in which Arce’s assistant had to intervene to calm the waters. It appears that a journalist is actually leaking what happened.

What did Juan Segovia say?

Puebla journalist Antonio Zamora recounted the fact that Juan Pablo Segovia and Nicolas Larcamon exchanged words. The journalist himself says that the dispute did not escalate because the assistants calmed the sweet potato defender to take his place on the bench and watch the rest of the match.

It is not known for certain what Segovia said to Larcamón, but users who presume to be witnesses to the discussion commented that they were surprised by the La Franja defender’s behavior, as it was a very unusual situation for him. Some are speculating that there are already problems in the locker room, which is bad news for a team close to reaching the playoffs.

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