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Official!  Atletico Mineiro throws Antonio Mohamed

Official! Atletico Mineiro throws Antonio Mohamed

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Anthony Mohamed she was I stopped out of office Fitness Trainer From Atletico Mineiro After seven months at the helm of the club. Gallo announced the news on his social media, noting that DT and his coaching staff “were Fired this morning him President Sergio Coelho and the boss From Football Rodrigo Caetano“.

ESPN was expected to The Argentine coach was about to leave the clubThe board of directors lost confidence in him after Mining It was eliminated by flamingo In the prices From ultimate subordinate Glass From Brazil.

Muhammad leaves after winning two titles

The coach started his time at Mineiro in a great way, ever since a hero from the regional championship Minas Geraisas well as from Super Cup From Brazil.

In the seven months he spent in the Alvenegro complex, Mohamed directed 45 matches, it has a minero Win 27 duelsequals 13 and bad in five Occasions. In fact, he led Gallo to win the penultimate duel, which was against Botafogo.

Although the team recovered from the defeat to Flamengo in the cup, Galic I decided to give up my services Turkish language. Second permanent technician Lucas Goncalves He will take charge of the team in the short term, although the team has only commented that he will lead the match against him Corinthians which will be held on Sunday.

“The club thanks the coach for the services provided and wishes him success in his career,” Mineiro said on his Twitter account, providing some details about the departure of Turku Mohamed.

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