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Real Ciencias falls on his visit to Silesius Alcobendas (44-38)

Real Ciencias falls on his visit to Silesius Alcobendas (44-38)

The departure of the scientific players to Las Terrazas this morning was shocking. Absent, without ability, tension or rugby arguments to face newly promoted Silesius Alcobendas, who played a happy game, with organization and intensity, to find themselves with a partial score of 17-0 in the first 20 minutes.

In the fourth minute the locals scored the first try and went ahead to hit. Referee Castro considered that Rafa Romo brought him down when he advanced towards the goal area: penalty kick and yellow. In the 12th minute, Zabalegi sent a good cross to the right wing, which was received by Aaron Ross, who advanced several meters into the opponent’s field and passed it to Rui Lora for training.

With Alcobendas focused on the visiting stadium, the third local try arrived in the 19th minute. A long maroon attack played in the Sevilla 22, a long pass from Agustín Cittadini on the left wing where there was superiority, Rui Lora appeared from behind to stand once again in the opponent’s goal area.

Real Ciencias, in the first opportunity to visit the opponent’s stadium, took advantage of the lack of discipline in Madrid’s defense to add three goals. In the 22nd minute, Coco Roldan scored a penalty kick. It was all a mirage, as Alcobendas continued to dominate the game and Cittadini quickly responded in the 26th minute with a well-placed goal. He falls.

In the 28th minute, Rui Lora received a defensive kick at his home stadium, where he began the offensive play, penetrating the Seville defense, and with serious errors from the flag players, he advanced on the visitors’ court to pass the oval to Diego De. Minteguiaga who trained. Zabalegi transformed.

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Scientific reaction

At the end of the first half, Al-Ulama began to advance in twenty-second place locally. In the 38th minute, Pedro Kane trained after playing several stages on the burgundy goal line. Coco Roldan’s transformation. At 27-10 the players went into halftime.

The second part will be different. Although it was not a strong result from the scientists as expected, the lead improved and imposed its superiority. In the 49th minute the test came Touch Mall Introduced by Vicente del Hoyo. Coco Roldan’s transformation.

In the 55th minute, Silesius Alcobendas would go behind after a dangerous challenge by a young man on Alvar Gimeno, for which Castro punished him with a yellow card. The ball is on the right side, Touch Mall And once again Vicente del Hoyo trained. Coco Roldan’s transformation.

In the 63rd minute, Al-Aqiq turned yellow again. Cittadini was sent off for stopping Alvar Gimeno high. A violent collision caused the Valencia midfielder to be injured and forced to retire from playing. Another penalty kick, the ball is on the right side, Touch Mall This time it was Manu Moura who trained. Coco Roldán converted to make the instant comeback.

Strange ending

After reaching 27-31, scientists did little to maintain the positive result. On the next play, Rui Lora picks up Damien Hooper’s defensive kick that doesn’t go out, in his own half, swings back around the Sevilla players, unable to stop it, and scores a new try. Zabalegi transformed.

The Sevilla team went cold again, as happened this morning in La Moraleja, and the match was cut off. In the 72nd minute, there was an unnecessary kick in the middle of the field for the local team, which Zabalegi took advantage of to increase the lead. Alcobendas controlled the match, and Real Ciencias was unable to penetrate its defence. In the 76th minute, Santi Lopez intercepted the pass from the scientific line in the middle of the field, finding space for up to three Sevilla players to escape individually and train. Zabalegi transformed.

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The final minutes were a challenge for the Blues in search of at least a bonus point as the lesser of two evils. It came in the 79th minute. Touch Mall Oscar Sanchez penetrates the scoring area. Coco Roldan converted to make the final score 44-38.

Review by Manu Sobrino

After the match, Real Ciencias coach Manu Sobrino stated, “It was a tough defeat. We went out asleep, after playing a disastrous first half in which Alcobendas had a 24-point lead. The second half was another different game. Steady stages and we were once again able to turn the result around. However, with two new disconnects in defense shortly before the end, we wasted all our effort.”

“It is true that we have many important players missing, but we should not and do not want to look for excuses. We are aware that we have a good team but we are not finding our game and above all, we have to understand that.” The Sevilla coach added: “It is unacceptable that There are moments when “we are out of the game. If we really want to be at the top, as is our goal, we must change the dynamic now.”

data sheet

44 Celsius Alcobendas: Luis Aranda, Diego Vidal, Ruben Medina, Roman Salvador, Alejandro Suarez, Carlos Rodriguez, Niels van de Ven, Augustin Schaap, Diego de Monteguaga, Agustín Cittadini, Santiago Lopez, Juan Zabalegui, Nicolas Coronel, Aaron Ross and Rui Lora. Also playing: Rodrigo Pérez, Pablo Gallego, Cesar Avila, Federico Luis, Daniel Velasco, Manuel Vais, Guillermo Fernández-Semal and Iñigo Mazariegos.

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38 Real Sciences: Rafa Romo, Vicente del Hoyo, Lucas Bordigioni, Manolo Bobo, Daniel Storra, Rafa Delgado, Franco Lopez, Fede Igartner, Pedro Kean, Coco Roldan, Damien Huber, Juan Dominguez, Alvar Jimeno, Antonio Garcia, Gilly Dominguez. Also playing: Oscar Sanchez, Nacho Salazar, Enrique Cuadrado, Manu Moura, Cesar Borras, Jaime Camarero, Juan Carrasco and Pablo Carballo.

to rule: Castro. Showed a yellow card to Rafa Romo (Real Ciencias), Chap and Cittadini (Alcobendas).

Accidents: The match was played at La Terrazas on a cool, sunny morning.