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Atacama University moves up 5 places in the prestigious ranking of universities related to science and research

Atacama University moves up 5 places in the prestigious ranking of universities related to science and research

This year, the Higher Education House ranked 27th in the SCImago Institutions Ranking, moving up 5 places since 2022, when it was in 32nd place.

The SciMago Institutional Ranking is one of the most prestigious indicators for positioning universities in terms of the social impact of their research work. SCImago evaluates three sets of indicators based on search performance, search results and social impact, which are primarily measured by their visibility on the web.

It has been 5 years since Atacama University entered the rankings, and has maintained it to this day, placing itself in position No. 27 this year, and from the university they celebrated the news published by a media outlet on Wednesday, November 29 from the national press, which highlighted the national universities that appear in Classifications of great significance and international importance.

Dr. María José Gallardo Nelson, responsible for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate Studies (VRIP), noted this position and highlighted the work of the academic and research community. “This important achievement is an effort by each of our academics and their work in the field of research and knowledge transfer. From Publishing in prestigious journals is very important, but even more important is research that impacts the region and transfers that knowledge to society. That’s why we currently work closely with the challenges of the science, technology, knowledge and innovation ecosystem, at regional and national levels.

As an example of the sustainable growth in knowledge generation and research work at the University, the University President, Fernando Herrera Gallardo, described this event.

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“Research is a fundamental focus of the missions of universities, and in our strategic development plan we have directed the compass towards developing science and technology that is highly competitive and recognized at the regional, national and international levels to move towards a complex university. This is by strengthening the internal processes of our ecosystem that provide the best capabilities for our research teams.” and scientific development to its full potential, thus contributing to the social and economic development of the region, transforming knowledge into value for society, especially for the people and lands that make up our Atacama region.”


From VRIP they point out that this year the UDA has added 13 doctors, new additions to the advanced human capital that allows us to strengthen the areas of knowledge in astronomy, planetary science, environment, engineering, health, medicine, education and natural sciences, for the two headquarters in Copiapo and Valenar, in harmony and commitment to the needs of Atacama region. In infrastructure, the investment in laboratories and the revitalization of the Environmental Technology Center in the municipality of Valinar, where 4 doctors work today, to promote research in the province of Huasco, stands out.

Furthermore, funds are expected to be available next year to support publications in high-impact journals according to new challenges in science, technology, knowledge and innovation, as well as an academic support program for research development, which takes into account tools such as scientific writing software; This is in addition to the programs already available: data analysis programs and tools for translating and reviewing scientific articles into English and others.

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