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Real Ciencias Enerside Merit Ranking vs. El Salvador (36-12)

Real Ciencias Enerside Merit Ranking vs. El Salvador (36-12)

Francisco Jose Ortega

Real Ciencias Enerside will play in the semi-finals of the División de Honor having far outperformed Silverstorm El Salvador throughout the match despite playing from the 28th minute one player less due to a strict red card that was seen by Iñaki Mateu. The Spain international was sent off after a confrontation with John Wessel Bell was noted to have been out of sorts, but the referee, Iñaki Muñoz, remained resolute in applying shock protocol. The Valladolid defender was also substituted for the same reason.

At the time, with a 14-7 on the scoreboard, the team’s flag ranking could be jeopardized in the semi-finals it almost mandatory to reach due to being edged out by unrelated Silverstorm El Salvador. See with the person who won the Copa del Rey final at the Estadio de la Cartuja.

Sevilla, who started with a strong headwind in the first half, were able to take the lead thanks to two tries that came from the right flank of their attack. In the first of them, Jordi Gorba made a cut to later impose his physicality in the face of Already on the goal line and set up. In the second, it was Luchi Molina who repeated a very similar act. In addition, both were diverted though the winds by Cormac Fox.

Real Ciencias Enerside started with an advantage although they were overwhelmed by a Valladolid push in the opening minutes. But Manuel Mazo’s defense was always too strong and only allowed Valladolid to get close to 14-7 before that controversial move that put the game in jeopardy after seeing the red card of Iñaki Mateu, one of the important men in the world XV who will be suspended due to a ban in the role Semi-final against Recoletas Burgos, also quarter-final winner.

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Yellow winger Iolonia Loko of Valladolid also saw a yellow card in the knockout match. This ten-minute par was used by the locals to score two more marks before the break that allowed them to maintain a cushion of points. Coco Roldán struck brilliantly to hold all the visitors out of position while captain Juan Dominguez stole a ball from Providence to see things with more optimism despite numerical inferiority.

dominance in numerical inferiority

After the break, Real Ciencias Enerside knew how to endure El Salvador’s harassment for ten minutes and then also take advantage of the fact that the air at that moment was in their favour. Sergio Molinero scored a Test that already looked final, then another came from Sam Wasley when he saved a kick from Castellini and got up straight away.

Real Ciencias Enerside settled a complicated ballot with one player less, and now they will have to look for an upset against Recoletas Burgos who has returned to Cisneros in their fiefdom. That was the semi-final scheduled between the second and third stages, and despite the forced withdrawal of Inaki Mateo due to his red card, the scholars will try to change the predictions to reach the final.