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AMLO takes resources from Coahuila for science and research, and charges academics

AMLO takes resources from Coahuila for science and research, and charges academics

with the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, coahuila Like the rest of the country, it has been affected by cutting off federal resources for science and technology research: Our state has stopped receiving more than 154 million pesos annually For these activities, in the current federal administration.

Previously, Coahuila received resources for various items such as Stimulus for Innovation, with approximately 130 million pesos annually for companies and institutions that have carried out research projects, and with The mixed fund He reportedly received about 20 million pesos a year Mario Valdés Garza, Director General of the State Council for Science and Technology.

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In addition, they are appointed 30 annual scholarships for students They will be trained in world-class research institutions abroad, which have also disappeared.

Federal cuts affect research institutions in Coahuila, such as The Center for Research in Applied Chemistry and (CIQA), and the Mexican Foundation for Research in Materials General Limited (COMIMSA).

“Research centers are already stifled, they no longer have the possibility to generate resources, they are already dependent on what CONAHCYT dictates to them.”

Academics and researchers asked that at least 1% of Gross Domestic Production In the field of science and technology, however, in the current six-year period, instead of increasing it or at least maintaining it, the budget has been reduced, while the funds allocated to the armed forces have increased.

Notice that AMLO Reduced budget for science and technology and Research across the country diminishes the importance of subject matter specialists.

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“We’re concerned that with the new CONAHCYT bill initiative, they’ve left out the states, who would normally have reserved space on the board, we’re already out, and now they’re run by state secretariats, like the Navy, and the Secretariat of National Defense, rather than being the specialists, the institutions. search “.

He added that Lopez Obrador encouraged reforms that affect science and technology and turned his back on researchers, while the global trend Strengthening these areas because they are the present and future of countries.

while in Mexico gives the impression that these issues are essential to economic and social development, It is not important and the researchers have been canceling their support or reducing their resources.

In past years, by law, 1% of GDP had to be allocated to science and technology, but they only allocated between 0.4 and 0.5%, and the problem is that now it is at their discretion. “If they did not comply before, now much less.” lament.

“Now what they will do is they will develop only the projects they want to do and there will be no freedom of research, as before, when every research center, every researcher, defined the topics in order for the investigation to take place.”

In Coahuila, he said, N.B The state government allocates resources to COECYT In addition, the fines applied for violations of the election law are referred to the council for the development of research projects.

this year , The Council invests 20 million pesos in the construction of the second phase of the Center for Scientific Culture, Which will include thematic workshops on science and technology related to sustainable development, environment, renewable energy and water use.

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The goal is to educate new generations about the consequences of climate change and the importance of preserving and restoring natural resources for humanity’s present and future. In the first phase they invested more than 36 million pesos and opened it in November 2022.